Monday, May 9, 2011

Wonderful Mothers Day

TYTY Hembree, glad to c a new follower.

WELLLL, about 1;30 pm yesterday, my door bell rings, and its a florist bringing me flowers from my dotter. Never knew they delivered on Sundays, but,,they did. Gave her a call to thank her, and , lol,,,she thot they had been delivered on Sat.,,, Surprised her too. A few minutes later, my son called, asking if i wanted to go to Marble Falls n eat at a Mexican restaurant, and i told him YESSS. lol,,,He also had to make a stop at Walmart. My dotter came by and brought my card, but didnt go with us. All in all, a GREAT Mothers day.

Ok, time out for lunch. bbiab

Good leftovers, and no, i didnt eat the mexican food, had steak n shrimp sheshkbobs. Cant eat much of the steak, even without my band being full. It still wants to stop me up. Got my surgery date set to replace that port, this morning. It will be on the 25th. Told em, i wanted it filled right then, too, lololol. Well,,,hells bells, ive lost a year already!!!

I still HATE this new format for my blog. I waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to preview, edit, spell check, etc. and then to get back to the blog itself. Have figured out that there r drafts i can get to, n just today, help told me to clic on just edit, to get back to this. I thot i had changed it to be like the old one, but guess that didnt work. Doesnt surprise me. lol

Reason im so late today, is my power went off for over an hour. That put me wayyy behind. I finally called to be sure it wasnt just me, n they told me they were doing repairs. Way back, our power went off, n we didnt think much about it for a while, but then,,noticed all the neighbors had theirs on. Got to looking, n the main switch outside had been cut off. lmaoooo...Our ol tom cat always got on the roof, n then jumped down to the utility box to get off, being in a corner. Guess he missed, n hit the big switch, n off it went. From then on, first thing we checked. That ol cat was the king of the hill,,,n i wish i had filmed him,,,Our neighbors 2 houses down, had 3 boxers, in a pen with an 8 foot fence. Mean sobs too. Heard them ranting n railing 1 day, looked out n there my ol cat went,,,walking down the fence line with just the wire between them,,ears laid back, tail up ,,,twitching on the end,,,daring them to come on. They were jumping so high, they could ,,,almost,,,get over the top of that fence!!,,I had to laugh,,,thinking what he would have done,,had they made it. hahahahahaha He woulda died of fright. hahahahahah. He knew exactly how to push their buttons, n did it every day. Im sure my neighbors just loved him. One more story bout that ol cat.,,,Hed been missing a couple of days, n my hubby went out the door and there he was, sitting there, slobbering,,sick, drooling. He said omg,,hes got rabies!!,, well,,,i watched him a few minutes n he would try to like, spit something out, working his tongue trying to do it. So,,,i went over, against my hubbys warnings n yellings, etc, and looked in his mouth. And there it was, a round bone out of a fishs spine, stuck down on his back tooth. He couldnt swallow!! I just got a pair of pliers, pried his mouth open, n took that bone off. lolol,,,He was fine!! n besides, he had his shots anyway. That hubby couldnt ever handle emergencys. I was always cool hand MOM<<< lololol