Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not Done YET

It took til about 9 am to realize it's Sat.  The Today show wasn't on,,,lololol.

Got an email saying Verizon had given me credit and my  bill was,,,so n so.  #%^&)*&*_%  They did,, for ONE charge, not the TWO!!!  Which means you know what.  AND it will be Mon before i can do a thing.  There was a $90.00 charge,  for the first 1/2 hour,,then a $40.00 for the next one,,,they took off the $40.00 one.  Maybe my ear will be well by then. 

It wasn't foggy here today, but it's still cloudy mostly.  I'm like DD, it's staying warm much longer this year.  We did have one good frost last week, and the leaves are falling like a storm.  That usually happens some time in Oct.

Got 2 orders in yesterday.  My Christmas ones.  From 2 different places,,got home and there they were, on the porch.  Sometimes i don't see my front porch for days.  I try to remember to look daily from the street when i drive by going to the drive way.  These were big enough to see for sure.

This year has been too busy for me to be able to do the things i normally have done.  Like the shopping.  I've never been this late.  And i haven't done anything for my niece's family and don't think i will.  Last year i ordered some things and had them shipped there directly, but this year, just haven't had the time to look.  They have 3 girls.  She's the only one i buy for besides immediate family, (my three).  Cause she always brings me something!!!  Told her not to.

Ok,,yall tc, and