Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Getting There

Little better today. Got an antibiotic, cough med, musinex, all fixed up now, lol. Had to write down what to take and when,,too darn many. Not just those, but i'm including all the others too. Thot i had a full bottle of cough med, but just had 2 doses, so had to go to the $ store and get 2 more bottles. If u buy the one with dextromethorpohan 10% listed first, it'll work as good as any thing else. Learned that years ago thru the paper of course. Been getting that Austin American daily for ummmm,,,about40 years. Always got up earlier than needed to have my coffee and read it, before everybody else got up. Tried doing it online a few years ago, couldn't stand it, no ads!! lololol Lasted about a month. My bro, B, told me he knew what i meant, he felt the same way. You never realize it.

Gosh, just ate lunch and now i need a nap. Might have to do it. Trying to eat things out of my freezer that's been in there a long time. Today, was buffalo wings, FF, easy fixings. Not up to anything else. And besides, i never, well rarely, cook. When i was gonna get married the 2nd time, told him i didn't cook. He said,,who cares? lolol My g/dotter laughed til she cried one time, cause he was reading the instructions on how to open a can of biscuits. He could always cook outside. And i did cook, just wasn't important. A friend from Austin told me we should market my potato salad,,was so good. He was a big DJ, n all the kids were crazy about him. We were having a bar b q one time, had my 12 yo niece and a friend of hers out there with us, and all the fixings were inside on the kitchen table. The kids and i were there and he came in and filled his plate, then went back out. I told the kids, that's,,,so n so,,,and OMG,,they got big eyed, took off running out the door, and then just froze, their eyes huge, and mouths open.! lmaoooo. He loved it, lol. We did have tons of fun the 2 1/2 yrs we were together. But,,,he had a totally crazy teenage dotter that drove HIM nuts, and i finally just had enough. I never understood why people won't stand up to their own kids. Mine would never have dreamed of doing and saying things to me, like she did to him. I told a guy one time, later, DON"T have anything to do with her!!! Later, he said,,you were right. she is crazy. Still is, and now it all seems like it never was there in my life. Sure never missed it. And that friend stayed MY friend.

O yeah, that was when we hosted 2 biker meets on Labor Day week ends. WOOOHOOOOO,,, 3 day parties!! On Monday, when one was about over and everybody about gone, we were all standing around the last keg, and the hill where they had run for 3 days, was muddy going down from the overflow. All of a sudden this gopher sticks it's head up, and this girl says, ooooo,,,how cute, and goes over and PICKS IT UP!!! Wait!!!,,,why isn't that thing biting her hands off???, and meanwhile, they pass it around. All i could figure out, that was one drunk gopher!!,,,You got any other explanation? llololololol It never did bite anybody. I sure didn't hold it. I have a whole stack of pics. The photographer gave me prints later. He's the one that got tangled up in a barbed wire fence, broke his camera lens, and came over and asked if we had any super glue. I said sure, and got it for him. We all could NOT believe it!! He was putting it on his LIPS,,,saying no more beer,,, that was a $5000 lens!!! Like i said, fun times.

Nap time,,,