Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Thieving Career

I have to start my blog here, then put a title on later. Like i always named pets, had to know them to name them. Gotta know what i'm gonna talk about to give this a title,,,sorta like u, DD, lol, and like u, i think of great ideas and forget by the next day. And like one said on ur blog, i've thot about starting them as drafts then coming back later, but,,,,i would probably forget what it meant too. hahahaha. o well, haven't we earned the right to be this way? And proud of it?,,,Like my white hair?,,,Earned every one.

One thing i know i keep forgetting, and now it's just popped into my mind, gotta get it down real fast. Have yall seen the little ad when ur coming onto here, about getting a book printed from ur blogs? Don't u LOVE that idea? I sure do. I just don't have enough to do yet. I have always wanted to write one, and maybe this is it, hehehehe.

Lol, no title yet. That's how i get this published sometimes without one. There was one where i never got a title on it. I couldn't figure out how to edit it after i had posted. Or,,,it didn't work at that time, cause now it does.

After reading Hermit's blog today, gotta tell u about my thieving experience. Yep, just one. Was back,,way way back,,a few friends and i,,in the 5th grade, were down by the bleachers where the football field was, during recess one day. There was this little store room there, had a broken window. (blog just got named, lol) Well, we found out we could reach the HOT cokes in there, so we did. Have no idea how we got the caps off, but we did, and drank those things. THEN,,recess over, we all got called into the principal's office, told we had been caught red handed, and had to take notes home to get them signed, proclaiming our theft. OMG,,,I was about to die!!! There just was NO WAY i could tell my mom i had been a thief!! So,,i forged her signature and no one was ever the wiser, but that sure ended my career as a thief. Forever!! (Didn't say forgery, lol) Might have been the best thing to happen. It wasn't the trouble i would have gotten into, it was the shame. From that day on, i was overly honest, if there is such a thing. So, lol, a pickle is a pickle.

Decided on scrambled eggs, toast for lunch, egg, rather.

N's dotter is in the contest for Aqua Boom queen today, starts at 6:30. There's 3 catagories, like the Miss America one. She's competing againt 6 others, so yall cross ur fingers. N's gotta do her hair later, (mercy!). I was involved for her prom, doing her friend's hair.

When i went out there yesterday, there was a sink full of veges out of her garden. For some reason, i took all the onions out and started cleaning them, think my hands still smell. Didn't know red onions were that strong. There were a lot that had been eaten on. Now, just what would do that?,,,Eat on them under the ground? They looked like they had been cut, but hadn't. Beats me. No gophers in there, and i didn't think things ate onions. Don't see how any worms could cut them like that. Like the side off.

Ok yall, hunger calls. HAGD