Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lizards Around

Lots better today.  Had those chills til after lunch.  And i did go back to bed, took a nap after lunch.  I was never well enough to leave the house tho, so i just stayed in, stayed cool.  My Doc's appointment is at 11:15.  I'm way late for my blood work.  Gonna see if i can get off a lot of my meds.  My BP ones for sure. 

Yeah DD, the lap band is what makes it hard to eat or drink.  I have to really pay attention to getting enough fluids.  Of course, after my pot of coffee, doesn't leave a whole lot to require. lololol  It has left this little pouch at the top of my stomach about the size of a walnut.  Food will go thru very slowly.  Or fluids.  If i get too much in it, i have to gag it back out.  Gets painful if i don't.  You think that if something gets stuck, you can drink something to wash it down. NOOOO,,,makes it worse.

My trail of ants are gone.  For the time being anyway.  Thru the sevin dust is a trail all the way across.  Had to be a pretty good sized lizard.   Have lots of those around.  When i first bought this house, every year i would find newly hatched ones in my kitchen sink.  Some were so new they were clear.  I would very gently take them outside and put them in a safe place.  Don't see them any more.  Something must have happened to the mother.  One time, at the last house, i got home and saw one  half way down a hole backwards, laying her eggs.  Later, saw her covering it up.  WELL, next day when i got home there was a dam snake in that hole eating the eggs!  Still don't know how it knew they were there.  They must smell a lot better than you would think.  I chased it but it got away.

Have 45 mins before i have to leave, so getting off of this.  HAGD