Sunday, June 5, 2011

OOOO, to be a Kid Again,,NOT

Thot i had figured out how to post to DDs blog. On the bottom of the posting page, was a sign up for a feed, which i did, after checking out what all it meant. Didn't work, DD. But i did read the old blog about the tiger. I had read it way back when u put it out, but reread it.

Here it is almost 2 pm, and i've done NOTHING. Well, made a few CDs for the kids that graduated, that i had filmed with my flip. Not the graduation, the party beforehand. My nephew and a few of his friends and their families. After that nite's ceremonies, they all loaded on a bus and went to Austin to play. Bro and his wife went too, but in their car. Then,,,next nite, the real party, which i woke up about 1;30 am, hearing about a fight with about 20 kids out in the street. Found out yesterday, was just 2 kids, but that led the police to the party, lololol,,a lot got away by running, but a lot didn't. Nephew one of those. Bro said he got a call from son, saying,,Dad, if u will come get me, they won't put me in jail. Soo, he did. and picked up a couple more kids, saying they were staying with him for the week end. One would have gone to jail because they couldn't get ahold of his parents, and he had been at the party the day before. The ones they caught, got MIPs. He said he'd know to run, next time. hahahaha. Also heard a niece's name too.

OK,,just got my bedding changed, and IM THRU. I'm NOT the kind of person that HAS to do anything at any given time. More of,,,if i don't wanna, it can wait,,kind. Outdoor thermometer showing 100.4, and that's cause a cloud just came over. Had been 102.6.

OOOKKKK,,, have i told u, about my weight?,,,After a week, i was down 3 1/2 lbs, but after 10 days, down 6!! Can't celebrate with food,,,hahahaha, won't go down after a certain amount. Tried again to eat steak out at Ns yesterday, had to gag it up. Hangs and won't go down, and it hurts. I even chewed it double the 30 times, lol. Pork was ok. Suited me, pork was great. You just can't cheat on this one., lololol

Since i'm so way out of time with the day, yall be good. r not.