Saturday, April 18, 2015


I talked to my son about 7 one nite, and the next morning, find out he had to be taken back to the hospital for emergency surgery! OMG. His wrist where there had been an IV tube attached had gotten really infected, causing his hand to swell up huge, and him to run a high fever. They cleaned it out and put a drain tube in, and by the time i called, he was fine. He's still in the hospital, waiting to go back to rehab. His leg is still not working, and he needs the therapy to be able to come home.

We actually got some rain yesterday. It was just a good steady rain, for about 4 hours. I went over to my bro's house and we all sat out on his patio under the metal roof. Wonderful.

Gosh, gotta go back tomorrow nite for that sleep study again. (my LAST). The doc's office called last nite about 7 !!! to change my appointment to see him. Never had that happen before.

The crawfish thing this weekend was pretty much rained out til about 7. There's a huge golf tourney, huge roping contest, plus the crawfish. It's the first time it has done that in all the years they've had it. Of course, the ol CofC had to get involved and start putting up fence, in our CITY PARK, to keep you out unless you pay to get in. I quit going years ago. All i wanted was to hear the reggae bands anyway. I think all they've had this year is country.

Yall tc, and


Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday, Monday

Son was transferred into rehab Sat, and when i called this morning he was doing therapy. So, haven't talked to him yet.

My hip is lots better but not completely without pain. I know that replacement is in my future. lol.

Got the new sticker on my car a few days ago, and they took off the registration one too. All i have is one showing 7-15, when plates are due. He told me my serpentine belt was about to come apart, so gotta get that replaced.

Sure hope we get some rain, but not much hope. It's going just south of us.

My stomach keeps staying upset, off and on, so i made an appointment for tomorrow to see what's going on. I think it's something i'm taking. I blame everything on that lol.

Hope it gets fixed by Wed, got an appointment over in Burnet to do that eye check, finish that up. Riding the bus, don't want to lose control,,, lol.

I just might order my new glasses online, i looked into it on G/dotter and BF came by a few days ago and he fixed my printer so it scans into computer now. Put a picture in to use to see frames on me.

Gotta git, so yall tc, and


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Another Short Update

Son's in a regular room, but when they did another mylogram, didn't find anything to be causing his leg to be numb, so Doc thinks therapy will do it. They had him up with his body brace, leg brace, and a walker yesterday and he walked across the room and back, then today, walked some in the hall. He was making his leg work too, which is already an improvement from yesterday.

My hip is 90% better!!! Found out that doc hadn't ordered one into my hip, just around the spine and into the bursa muscle. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR WHY??? The hip has been the problem since the getgo.

That's all, folks, so tc, and


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Just a Short Report

The Doc went back in to one place and fixed the bleeding and took a blood clot out. The right leg isn't numb any more, but now the left one is, and if it's not better Monday, he will go back in to fix it too. He stands straight, and is going into a regular room today.

I  told him the Doc was gonna get him right yet! And he will.

In the meantime, i can't wait til Tuesday, to get my hip taken care of,,, I HOPE. If not, replace it! Only way i'm pain free is if i'm not moving.

My 2 brothers came by and wired my 220 plug back into a 110 for the new ac i got last year. I guess it hadn't been right from the getgo, but it is now. Took em quite a while. The older one has changed that a few times before, so i don't know why he didn't do this before either.

I'm going with Brad to visit my son in a bit. He said he'd push a wheel chair for me... lol.

Guess i'd better eat a bite, so i can be ready, yall tc, and