Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 4th,,,Well,,Sorta, 2012


I did make it to the park to check it out.  When I first got there,,, nephew wasn’t’ ready, so,,, I went back later, about 7 PM.  Just parked up the hill and his mom came by and said she would tell him to bring me a bun with slaw…And,,he did,,  I bought it for today so I just took one bite,, and yummmm.  I had never had one, pulled pork,,with slaw on it.   The food trailer is in one of the pics, beside a big red one.,  You can’t see but just a small part of it.  The early report was, they did really good.  They have plans to set it up on one of the main streets during the lunch time, 5 days a week.  Maybe go other places for one day on the week ends.

That squash is sooooo good!!!  I cut up the big one, not sure if it was gonna be eatable, but, it was.  If you can cut em, you can eat em. 

Gosh, there’s just nothing to write about today.  Feet still giving me problems,,,trying to wear flops, at least, even in the house.  The padding seems to help.  I keep looking at things that need done,,but nope,,not now.  They require me to be on my feet.  The cooking is bad enough.  I’m gonna eat 1/2 that bun at a time,,it’s BIG.  Will make 2 meals. 

The book I’m reading is good, Hot Springs…didn’t think I’d like it, but I do.  I’ve had several paperbacks laying here forever, so I’m going thru them now.  Not really sure where they came from, I didn’t buy them

MsB,,,still lol about the fly strips…

Yall tc, and