Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, Monday

Not much going on, why I haven't done a post lately.  And even now, nothing to write about.

My blood sugar has been testing about 20-25 points higher for a while, think maybe the stress I was under caused it.  I have increased my med, but maybe I need to go a bit more.  Gonna give it a little more time.  I was originally prescribed 2000 mg a day of the methformin, but on my own, decreased it down to 1000, and was ok for a long time.  Gone back up to 1500 to see if that will work.  lol,,,great news huh?

My SIL started a family thing on facebook and it's really fun.  She asks questions for us to answer, like,,,what was your favorite toy, favorite book, movie, etc.  We are having a good time with it.  So many of us.

Got my new phone Sat, got it charged and Sunday got everything transferred, minutes, days, number.  It has the slide out keyboard and I think i'll love it.  Still trying  to figure out if I want T9 or abc.  Anybody help me on this?  Both? lol.  Now I can text.  Other one was YEARS old. 

NET10 - Samsung 404G No-Contract Mobile Phone -
Update on my son, doing great, getting around good, increasing walking distance all the time.  Plans on going to Vegas over Thanksgiving with fiancĂ©e and her sister, BIL.  The last 2 holes in him have finally quit draining, a nurse has been going by and dressing them twice a week.  One was in his side, from chest area, not sure about the other one.  Therapist twice a week, too. 
That's it folks, tc and