Friday, May 25, 2012

Cute little girl on so you think you can dance doing ballet after her mo...

This was absolutely precious last nite.  bbl

So boring around here, lately.  Same ol, same ol.  Guess i have the summer doldrums...and it's still spring.

I bought a box of steaks at Walmart last week, and i need to dig out my indoor grill.  It's under everything in my pantry,,,lolol.  It's a big round bowl thing, with a metal drip pan you add a little water to, and an electric burner.  My friend bought one years ago, and it worked so good, i did too.  See?  If i threw away things i don't use often, i wouldn't have that.   The meat tastes just like it was cooked on an actual outdoor grill.  Let's see, besides that, i have a crock pot, small deep fryer, convection oven.  (that might be all).  Using that crock pot for the bean soup sure did heat up my kitchen.  Would'nta thot it.  On one of my get-ups during the nite, i switched it off, let it sit til morning.

LOLOL,,,showing those oreo cattle on the news,,,They're black on both ends, have a big white stripe around the middle.  They weren't in the pen by the road last weekend or i was gonna take a pic of them, (the ones here).  I know there's another name, but they are called oreo too.  I looked them up the first time i saw them.  I don't even remember what country they're from.  Check them out here:

Well, now i've gotta find a watermelon,,talking about em, now seeing em on tv.  The frucose makes my blood sugar go up, so i'll have to limit it.  I dig it all out of the rind, put into a large bowl, so it's easier to eat.

Got leftovers today, some fish (frozen stuff) and that chicken, etc.  So, lunch time, yall tc, and