Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hate Thieves!!!

Hey DD, glad to know just where u were!!  Seriously, good to know that u and ur cousins like to get together, and that u both made the effort to do so.  Thx for the pics.  Looks like a great spot, even now in this drought.

Out of all the blogs i follow, DDs is the only one i can't post a comment on.  So i always comment on mine.

Reading Gypsy's, brought back some bad memories today.  I had moved out of a 4 BR house, into a duplex and had to put a lot in storage.  Took 2 units.  I went up there one day, and found these little rinky dink locks on both of them.  Since my son was the only one that had a key too, i called and asked him if he might have changed the locks.  NOOOOO,,,  So then i called the owner and he came up there and cut the locks off.  Empty!! OMG,,well, 1 had a broken mirror left.  Found out later 2 more next to mine had been robbed too.  I called it in, knowing full well, nothing would ever be found, nor the thieves caught, but one did come up later and take fingerprints off the mirror.  Of course, nothing ever found.  The only thing that made me sick, and still does, was in 1 box were all my home movie films.  All my memories.  They were super 8, going back to when my last son was born, and he was in so many of them.  He's the one i lost when he was 16, so that still, just kills me.  Not that the other kids weren't in them too, they were.  The son i have left, i've lost 2, was so good on a skate board, i took him to Austin one time to enter a contest.  He should have won it, had that on film too.  OK, enough of that subject.

Trying to decide what i'm having for lunch.  Nothing sounds good.  Yall have any suggestions?  Have some of that quicky mac and cheese stuff.  Think i might do that today.  Just about anything i eat has to be quick.  But got so burned out on frozen dinners, that's out of the question.  Had those so much when i was still working, don't think i could gag one down now.

No plans today.  Been caught up in that Casey Anthony trial, might go to the jury by the week end.  I'm fully convinced of her guilt.  Just watching her there in court, is enough.  And i'm also caught up in my book.  They are the kind u hate to put down.  Got a whole series to read, love those.  It's C J Box,,,the Joe Pickett series.  He's a game warden in WY.  I accidently read #10 first, now i'm on #1, going thru them in order.

Ok yall, enough outa me today.   HAGD

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Over the Hump Again

What has happened to my followers list???  Good ol Blogger seems to be always a problem.  Are the rest of u having problems too? 

HJs and BBs blogs today are  so sad, and it's our independence day Monday.  I will always salute our flag, and say under God, and Amen.  And God Bless  You all.

Going back to the lap band Doc on Tuesday, so no blog that day.  And it needs a little more fill.  I still don't know how much i have, what was put into it during the port replacement. Total capacity can be 9.

Missing DD today.  I guess i missed where he was going, just saw where he was leaving yesterday.  An hour away, lol.  Have a good trip, DD.  (Gosh, hope it was for fun).

Saw in the paper where almost all of the state is eligible for low cost loans, due to being disaster qualified.  One 72 year old farmer out in West TX said this was worse than back in the 50s.  I have a river flow map that is showing here as 22cfs today, not the 1 it was, last time i looked.  That is right here in town.  So, having a little hope now.  And sending lots of prayers. 

 Weeks seem to fly by, and in just 9, we'll get to Sept, which i always can have hopes of a cool front.  Remember one time, kids were young, and had to go swimming at the pool almost every day.  This one year, we had a blue norther come blasting down here for the last week end, on Labor Day.  They insisted on going, and were the only ones there. lololol,,,they turned blue, life guard was all wrapped up, and probably wouldn't have jumped in to save anybody!  The kids lasted about an hour, water was warm, and they had had enough.  They had to stay in to keep from freezing.  Keeping my fingers crossed, want another!

My son would always "accidentally" fall in any time he got near water, anywhere.  So by the time he was 4, he got lessons.  He was like a fish, had to wear little fins on his feet, cause he thot he needed them.  He learned really fast, and was jumping off the high board the rest of that summer, with the life guard there just in case.  OK,, then along comes opening day the next year, he runs down the side about half way, jumps in, and ,,,,forgets to swim!!,,,After he bobbed up about the 3rd time, i told the life guard to please get him out.  He never had any fear, and later became a great swimmer on the swimming team.  Looked like a miniature body builder at 8.  It also cured his little bit of ashma, he got to where he could hold his breath and swim the whole length of the pool.  He could out swim anybody at the meets, but never understood that the one he was in, was just one out of others, and he was swimming for time.  He ran off and left em, but didn't worry about being really fast, cause he was so far ahead.  In all the strokes, too.  I loved to watch him do the butterfly.  He still goes there if he can do it after hours, to swim laps.  Me?,, never a water person. lol

Hunger calling, yall HAGD

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lost in the 50s

Remember that song?  Think it was Mickey Gilley's.

  DD, i cut my hair into a flat top with duck tails, but did NOT have to use brylcream, had enough body.  Others that followed suit, did tho.  Also there was a place here in town that got all the 45s taken off the jukeboxes, so i would buy as many of those as i could afford. 

Blogger messing up again, quit saving drafts again, then back to doing it.  What is going on? 

Gosh, so tired today, no sleep again.  Might have to take a long nap.  Starting pretty soon.   Will try to make it back today.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jail Time

ok Forget about that energy usage thing i was talking about.  I have looked back in a few days worth of papers and can't find it.  But what it was saying was things like TV add ons, all things that won't turn off, use a lot of energy.  The TV might have been one of the worst.  The VCR, DVD things are made to not turn off, keep running, so they will not slow down ur TV when u turn it on.  The companies say they make them that way because they can.  Not required to make energy efficient.  And there's lots of other things too.  When u look around ur house, how many things are running?  In the back ground.  Like timers built inside things, TVs, my coffee maker, gosh, all kinds of things.  That TV add on was using as much as a refrigerator.  Even if it's marked Energy Star.

Didn't do doodledy yesterday, never even got out of my robe.  Was so tired, no sleep, that I just made it til bed time, and THEN,,, i slept last nite,lol,,til nearly 9;30 this morning.  So, is it time to tell of my criminal record?,,guess so.

Once upon a time, long long ago, back in high school again,  we were on Christmas vacation, and a bunch of us were just out fooling around, and got this idea to ride out to the lake and get hamburgers.  This 1 girl had a car, a convertible, and volunteered to drive us.  The top was up, was winter.   There were 7, 2 from Ft Worth, 2 boys from somewhere, and then 3 of us, one the same one that had been in on the coke thing back in 5th grade, lol.  So here we went,,,had our burgers, and headed home, just goofing off.  The girl driving was kinda keeping up with the music by kinda cutting the car back and forth, just a little.   Someone behind us started honking, and we looked back and waved.  It was a man in a station wagon, loaded down.  Well, he kept honking, and we kept waving, laughing and cutting up.  We thot he wanted to pass, so she pulled over at a place to let him, and he pulled up beside us, ran us off the road, and came stomping out of his vehicle, gun drawn!!!  OMG,  He was furious!!! Red faced, shaking, crazy acting.  Told us all we were under arrest and to go direct to jail!!!  He flashed a badge at us in the meantime.  Well, wow, talk about being scared to death.  So, here we went, him following right behind us, still showing that gun.  We had no doubt he would shoot us.   The girl had asked what we had done, and he had just yelled GO TO JAIL!!!  We got into town, and wasn't sure where to go, the court house or where, so she stopped and asked, and again, he told us to GO TO JAIL!!  So, we did.  She got out and shut the door, but he opened it right back up, told us all to get out, we were all under arrest.  We got marched in there, and there sat  the Sheriff, and a deputy, their mouths kinda open.    This man said he was a sheriff from another town here in TX,  he had a 15 year old dotter, and then he spat out the words, that she would NEVER be allowed in a convertible, and he proceeded to rant and rave, stomp around in there, then finally left, thinking we would be locked up immediately.  LOLOLOL,,,we did too.  The Sheriff just looked at us, said, get out of here, go home, all of you.  Did we ever!!.  One girl's dad was the Mayor, and she went directly home and told him what had happened.  They had all thot that man was nuts too.   Never heard nothing else about it, but that was sure another thing i never told my mom.  She would never have believed i was totally innocent.  Dad would have, but i never told him either.     We sure felt sorry for that man's dotter.

Kinda behind today, so yall be good, tc,,,etc.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

*&^%^$%$# Yellowjackets

Have to nearly always start this with something for DD. Still can't post to his blog. We had one of those ol ice boxes, with ice delivered from the ice house, don't remember how often.

Can't believe i just lost my whole blog when i hit publish. Had had error pop up saying it couldn't save draft, but thot i could publish. NOPE. All but first sentence up there gone.

When i first married, we had the one with the little freezer inside. Also had black and white tv, and 1 channel with an antenna. U called the repairman back then to fix things, and the cost was reasonable. TVs just needed a tube or 2. Then the newer models just got too expensive to repair, had one man tell me it would take a new picture tube to fix a tv and they just weren't worth it any more. That's when u quit calling a repairman, and just got a new 1. Had to get a new 1 for the LR a few months ago, the old one just out of the blue, went to a little line across the middle. I could turn it off, and wait a few minutes, turn it back on, get a picture for a minute r 2, then back to the lines. Well, made a quick trip to Marble Falls, Walmart, got a new one and called my bro B to help me exchange them but he was leaving, but said his son would. WELLL,,,i asked him and he said ok, would come by later. About 6;30, i texted him to HURRY!!,,,Idol coming on at 7. lololol,,He did make it, with minutes to spare. I had the new one in, unboxed, ready. I just couldn't lift the old one and move it out. Just had 2 wires to hook up. Got it programmed in, set vcr to record something else, and made it all by 7!!

Lately, been seeing $%^*%^)*((*^&$ yellowjackets when i would go out my back door, buzzing around me. One chased me yesterday when i went out for the paper, didn't sting, but i looked real good, then. HOW did i miss it?,,,right up above the door, a nest of about 15 or 20!! Made my plans, called my son and left him a message that if he wanted them, come get them before i got back last nite. He does show and tell, but they were still there when i got back about 10. Sleeping, hehehehe,,,dreaming the good dreams, never knowing what was fixing to hit em. I got in the house, unloaded, got the spray and went back out the door, barely,,had to have a quick re entry. Then i turned loose on them. They dropped like rocks. I got my face full of spray, never thinking about being downwind. Got back in, spitting, yukking, and went straight to wash off face and hands. Guess i'm not poisoned. lol, but they are.    Lots of dead ones there this morning, even one in here on my floor. 

Gosh, just noticed all the stuff above here, even spell check is back!!! WTH???  I didn't do anything to change it.  Maybe blogger lost me earlier, making changes on here.    It's saving my drafts too.  Updated?

Ok, read BB's blog today, and he's talking about mice.  I accidentally discovered the best way to get rid of them, ever.  I stored my bird feed in a 5 gallon bucket out in my store room, and when it got low, i just left the lid off.  Opened the door one day, heard this strange noise, and cautiously looked in.  There were like, 15 mice in that bucket, couldn't get out.  Got the 2 cats rounded up, and when they figured out not to run, and finally looked, they couldn't grab them fast enough.  This went on for  days.  I did feel kinda bad about the last 2, they were such babies, but,,,,,good ol Jude was there and waiting.  Got rid of all the mice on this hill, i think. lololol.  There's still a bucket out there, and sometimes, there might be 1 or 2 in it. 

O yeah,  niece didn't win the Aqua Boom contest.  Not even in the top 3, and when i made it that far, i left, still don't know who won.  By then i had been sitting on that chair so long, i had to get out of there.  I had never been to one before, so i didn't know  how long the first part could drag along.  That's how i wasn't home last nite til my bed time,,,lololol.  Got those yellowjackets, tho.

I haven't forgotten about telling u about being arrested once.  But not today.  Long story.  

Had to redo all this today, too much time.  Yall hagd.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Thieving Career

I have to start my blog here, then put a title on later. Like i always named pets, had to know them to name them. Gotta know what i'm gonna talk about to give this a title,,,sorta like u, DD, lol, and like u, i think of great ideas and forget by the next day. And like one said on ur blog, i've thot about starting them as drafts then coming back later, but,,,,i would probably forget what it meant too. hahahaha. o well, haven't we earned the right to be this way? And proud of it?,,,Like my white hair?,,,Earned every one.

One thing i know i keep forgetting, and now it's just popped into my mind, gotta get it down real fast. Have yall seen the little ad when ur coming onto here, about getting a book printed from ur blogs? Don't u LOVE that idea? I sure do. I just don't have enough to do yet. I have always wanted to write one, and maybe this is it, hehehehe.

Lol, no title yet. That's how i get this published sometimes without one. There was one where i never got a title on it. I couldn't figure out how to edit it after i had posted. Or,,,it didn't work at that time, cause now it does.

After reading Hermit's blog today, gotta tell u about my thieving experience. Yep, just one. Was back,,way way back,,a few friends and i,,in the 5th grade, were down by the bleachers where the football field was, during recess one day. There was this little store room there, had a broken window. (blog just got named, lol) Well, we found out we could reach the HOT cokes in there, so we did. Have no idea how we got the caps off, but we did, and drank those things. THEN,,recess over, we all got called into the principal's office, told we had been caught red handed, and had to take notes home to get them signed, proclaiming our theft. OMG,,,I was about to die!!! There just was NO WAY i could tell my mom i had been a thief!! So,,i forged her signature and no one was ever the wiser, but that sure ended my career as a thief. Forever!! (Didn't say forgery, lol) Might have been the best thing to happen. It wasn't the trouble i would have gotten into, it was the shame. From that day on, i was overly honest, if there is such a thing. So, lol, a pickle is a pickle.

Decided on scrambled eggs, toast for lunch, egg, rather.

N's dotter is in the contest for Aqua Boom queen today, starts at 6:30. There's 3 catagories, like the Miss America one. She's competing againt 6 others, so yall cross ur fingers. N's gotta do her hair later, (mercy!). I was involved for her prom, doing her friend's hair.

When i went out there yesterday, there was a sink full of veges out of her garden. For some reason, i took all the onions out and started cleaning them, think my hands still smell. Didn't know red onions were that strong. There were a lot that had been eaten on. Now, just what would do that?,,,Eat on them under the ground? They looked like they had been cut, but hadn't. Beats me. No gophers in there, and i didn't think things ate onions. Don't see how any worms could cut them like that. Like the side off.

Ok yall, hunger calls. HAGD

Friday, June 24, 2011

Old Time Games

lol DD, u brought up something else from childhood, tops. Yep, we did those too, got really good with them, but they were wood. Also, I won a yoyo contest one time, was the rage going thru Jr High, probably all schools, but I was in Jr High at the time. Also, had forgotten marbles. Of course, we played for keeps, and if u were lucky enough to find a steel one, u were the bestest. lololol,,,didn't know back then they were ball bearings. Stopped at g/dotter's house last year, and her hubby was just opening a bag of marbles, don't know why he had gotten them. They got down on the floor, poured them out on a rug with a circle, but didn't know how to do it. I told them to start all over, each take like 10 apiece, then put them all in the circle, keeping one for a shooter. What u knocked out, u kept. Then, there was the game using a pocket knife. And yep, Dad taught us this one too. Can't remember what it was called, don't think we played that one for very long. lol,,U spread ur feet apart facing each other, then threw ur knife in between the feet of the other. If u didn't make ur knife stand up, u had to move ur feet closer together, or something like that. U learned to jerk a foot out of the way real fast. Not sure what the object of this game was, but sure remember playing it. Any of yall ever do that one? We'd have the whole neighborhood over when we pitched pennies on Dad's front side walk. And this was when we were adults!! hahahaha, Also did whatever that game was, o yeah, ante over?, one with the ball, hollered ante, the other, over, of throwing a ball over the house, then if u caught it, u all took off around the house, to hit somebody with it, then they were on ur team. Sometimes there would be 30 or 40 of us doing that. hahahahaha,,,Used a tennis ball, mostly. Gosh, that was all still going on even after we were grown, playing these with our own kids. Never a dull moment around this "trouble" family. Guess that's why i missed Dad so much after he was gone.

I played softball about 15 years as an adult. Short stop my fav postion, but mostly had to pitch. It was fast pitch, and after a lot of years using that arm in the underhand pitching, i couldn't throw overhand any more. Everybody laughed when i threw darts underhanded, hahahaha, til they saw how accurate i was. That had a lot to do with my pitching horseshoes and washers. Couldn't throw that ball over the house tho. lmaoooo. Might go across the street behind me. Finally quit when it got to be more work than play. Lots to do behind the scene, and by then both sons were playing too. Took a lot of years for that shoulder to work normally. Dislocated my elbow one time, backing up 3rd, then whirling around to throw underhanded, of course, and fell with my arm back. Got 2 toes broken playing football with the boys, barefooted, and getting them stepped on. Never an injury connected to my motorcycle tho. And i did hill climbing, trail riding, everything the rest did. Hubby called one day, said, come up here,,,why?,,just come up here. so, i finally did. An employee had come to work on a great big honda or something, and hubby said for me to get on that thing and ride it. I said, what??? why???,,,just do it. So, asked how many gears, how to shift and took off, rode around the block. Guess that employee didn't believe i could do such a thing. hahahahaha,, I was 5-2, about 115 lbs. We had one one time, really hard to kick start. I had to stand on the pegs to do it, with the kick stand down. So, here i was, on that thing, and i kicked down and my foot went right off that stick, that thing kicked back right up my shin!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOO,,,,HURT!!! When i could breathe, i went home and never got on that thing again without a boot with heels. Also nearly got knocked off getting hit on the lip by a giant grasshopper, going highway speed. Never rode again without a shield. Don't count those, lol.

Ok leaving yall with lots of good thots, lots of good memories. HAGD

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot?,,,not the Weather

Just found out how good a friend that Hermit is. Ur the bestest!!

DD, how in the world did shipping containers falling off ships ever come to mind? Just don't know about u. hahahahah,,,now,,,the peppers r another matter. I just don't do hot. Even mild jalapenos,,,too much for me. Makes my tongue hurt just thinking about them. There's another kind of pepper, looks like the habanero, but not so hot. I was at a bar b q one time, and this man bit into one of the habaneros, started crying, yelling, (can't use the words here) drinking, trying to get his breath. This other one, eating the same ones, (looked like) laughed, called him a wimp, did all kinds of making fun of him,,,UNTIL he bit into one himself!!! Same story. hahahaha,,,I sure didn't put any of those no matter what kind, on my plate. They got rid of theirs too. lmaoooo.

Did it again, hit something and lost most all of this. Now, where was i? Think i was making fun of DD and the Hermit, having the coastal blues.
I just don't know how anyone could possibly live there. Last time i was there, visited my niece in High Island, my car got covered by this thick, greasy, sticky, skum. Couldn't even stand to touch it. And the first thing i did when i left and got 40 miles inland, was go thru a car wash. Gotta tell ya about niece's hubby. They had just got married, and he got his first coaching job there in High Island, baseball. He didn't have but 10 players, lololol. He took that little team to the finals, played in Austin, ( we all went) and lost that game by ,,,like,,1 point. Anyway, she got out of school in the meantime, and as soon as that last day was over, they drove away,had been packed and ready. They took jobs not far from here, and THEN,,,he found out he had been named the TOP coach of the year, in that whole SE part of TX. They're now in Lake Worth Tx. She got a job close by, over 1000s of others, in a brand new school. She thinks maybe it was her rattling on when she had to wait while being interviewed, about how they took the job there in Lake Worth. They had looked at 2 houses to buy, one there, and one in the other place with a job. They left it to God to decide, by letting them know which house they got. And there was a time limit. The other one didn't respond by that time. Anyway, she left and was still driving when she got the call. She had the job!! OK,,now i gotta tell u what she said when she was about 3 years old. One of the best. Her mom gave her a bath and told her to come and let her put her drawers on. She laughed and said, those aren't drawers, they're panties. Mom,,well, u can call them that sometimes if u want to. Niece,,does that mean i can call my dresses closets sometimes? She was with us in Austin one time, we loved to take her with us a lot, and we went by this great big church. She said,,,o look, there's a Jesus house. Still adore that kid.

Almost 12:30, guess i need to have some lunch. No leftovers, means i might have to cook something.

Ok made oatmeal with raisans. Applesauce for dessert. lol, quick and easy. With lap bands, u can't drink 15 mins before a meal, during, and for an hour after. I'm in the 15 before. lol,,finishing up here.

Really appreciate all u new followers. Makes it all worth while. Hey ol ones,,have always appreciated yall.

PS, DD, have about an update on ur pond?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rain!!, BB Talking to Pesky!!!

Wow BB talked to PN Wayne!! Is that wonderful, or is that wonderful??? Having that large tube down ur throat makes it sore, and it will be a while before it gets over the invasion. I know, but it felt so good to NOT have it, i didn't mind.

Other great news!! We had rain!! Yeah, that wet stuff. Not sure if it was enough to help the river, but sure will help the trees. Not sure how much we had, but one report said .97, and another l.5. My gauge won't give me correct readings, and a new one is on my list for wally world. Also, don't know how much upriver. I'll go look later today.

Ok told Hermit i'd tell a story about a skunk in a house. And it goes like this. Once upon a time,,my x bought a house, and was doing some remodeling inside, and had left the back door open. When he went by to check, he found a skunk inside,,,so he called our police dept. They sent an officer who went in shooting!!! hahahahaha,, Shot holes in walls, shot the skunk, which proceeded to let loose with his defense. So here is this whole house, soaking up this perfume. My x threw a fit, o yeah, dead skunk left in there too, and the city ended up having to pay to clean that smell out, which was new carpeting, paint, defumigating, etc. And the cop got fired. He's the one, the x, that told the DEA that if that dam dog came back in his yard, he would shoot it, and they said, u can't, that's a $5,000 dog. He told THEM, well, his $10,000 cat would get protected with a gun. They made sure that dog didn't get out any more. He had already had neighbor dogs kill 2 of his cats, so he was very serious. The neighbors put their pit bulls to sleep, and had to pay the vet bills. My son hates that neighborhood, 100s of dogs, barking day and nite, and no one does anything about them. So does my bro, B. He said, living in that neighborhood had ruined any liking for dogs. Now, DD, don't get in a huff. These are big outside dogs and their owners do nothing about their noise. You can tell who are the druggies here, by their pit bulls. The only dog he likes is Ns tiny chihuahua. The one that sings when u say Taco Bell.

At the vet's last week, in the process of cleaning her anus glands, in the stuggle to hold her, she pulled out one of her nails, on the side of her foot. N said she's still guilting her about it, holding that foot up, looking at her real sad. Only sometimes, she forgets. lollol. I tried to help trim her nails, and i can't believe how strong she is. When the vet does that, he gives her something to relax her. Will do that for the other, now.

I had a siamese one time, that just made himself at home, no matter where he was. Even at the vet's. He would stroll all around, just checking it out. Dogs didn't bother him. He just ignored them. I watched him walk thru a yard one time, with 4 huge dogs sniffing at him, had his tail straight up, and he just twitched it and laid his ears back, and kept walking. Sooo cool! He was walking around a cage with an huge rattlesnake in it, one time, was bro Bs, just sniffing it, and before that snake's fangs hit the wire, he was 10 feet away. That's how fast he was. He came running around the house one time, ran up a tree, out on a limb, and FELL OFF. He was soooo embarrassed, he kinda slunk back around the house and hid for a while.

Think i've bored yall enough for today. Need to make a move. adios

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blogger Trouble!!!

Having to redo posting comments to the blogs i follow, twice. Grrrr, time for blogger to get it together!! Somehow, i did get my followers back. I just deleted recent posts, was a repeat. Every day i do a test for DDs but,,,no luck. DD, read u every day, and today i have to say, ALL men i have EVER known, hate alll plumbing, not just the plastic. lololol.

We have gone to stage 4 for our water, now. NOOOO outside watering of any kind. I will sure be upset if i see all those sport fields running their sprinklers every day!!!! Also, the gold course. If i can't save my trees, then they sure don't need to save their GRASS. The water coming thru my faucet is nasty! Thank God, i have an excellent filter. Hated to take a shower today, and sure didn't want any in my mouth. Lol, did a lot of spitting. There's a brown ring in my commode so i know how much junk is coming thru. It will ruin all the parts in the tank.

I go out and look at the river every day. It's quit running over the dam out at the park now. Going dry fast! There's a chance of rain today and tomorrow, maybe,,,,at least upriver. Find myself wishing for a hurricane, despite the damage it does on the coast. Maybe from the West. Come in and just sit, and RAIN. Think we all need to gather on the square, get nekkid, and do a rain dance!! We'd have to run the sprinklers in order not to have a heat stroke tho. hahahaha Yall wanna help?

Think i'm gonna have some lunch. Hey, what do yall think about this Casey Anthony? I think that's what the death penalty was made for. Don't watch the trial, but listen to the updates. ok,,bye

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rain Rain, This is the "Other" Day

Well, i guess good ol Blogger isn't gonna fix my 2 side bar thingys. And i don't think i can. Any of u techies have any ideas?

Our water situation is getting worse. Going to stage 4, and i'm not sure what that means, but i would guess there will be no outside watering at all. Stage 3 has let us do hand held on 2 days a week, within the early morning and late afternoon. I told my bro he had better get his trees watered while possible because this was coming. That was what i was doing. I haven't watered any, so now i'm hoping this one time, will get me to a rain. There's a little, bitty, hope for this week. Gosh, if not here, upriver would do.

Read where Ben's Mom had passed away. It's always hard to lose ur parents. They have my sympathy.

When mine passed a few years ago, it was really a relief. And that was for HER, not us. She had made the decision to go into a nursing home, (the one she had worked in for 11 years), but HATED it. She HATED what her life had turned into. We all went by to see her every day, at different times of the day, so someone was there almost all day. My bro, G, had gotten there early that morning and was busy making coffee, when she just quit breathing. He said it was like she had waited til he got there. I still want to go by and sit on the porch with her in the late afternoons. There were some chickens that would come by from the neighbors, and then a couple would start showing up with newly hatched babies. Sooooo cute. We both loved to watch them. One morning, we were out there on the porch swing, and here came a fox down the street, carrying a chicken. When it realized we were there, it dropped it and ran. I know it was just feeding IT"S own babies. That neighbor had lots of chickens. I can't imagine anybody not enjoying watching them, scratching and singing, rooster calling his harem to see what he had found for them. When i bought this house, had to work on it for months before i could move in, from April til first of Sept. I would come home from work and maybe not wanting to do it, but here was Mom, every day, waiting on me. Saying, what are we gonna do today? We painted, cleaned, scraped, painted more. I was going to get new kitchen cabinets, but,,,she just couldn't understand why i wanted to get rid of real, all wood ones and put in the other kind. Sooooo,,,we used paint remover, scraped, sanded, worked for weeks to get thru 5 layers of paint, but i have them now!! lol,,,My bro G asked what color i was gonna paint them and i told him, RED. Knew he'd holler. lololol,,,and i did. Barn red back ground, cream doors and drawers, with teal trim that bro B cut and put on the doors and drawers. He did that in a couple of hours, would have taken me months. Good looking kitchen!! Painted the outside lite yellow, and all the trim is cranberry. Same color as bachelor buttons. Nothing like bright!!! lololol Then had to have all new plumbing, electrical, treated for termites. OMG,,,what did i get into?? Actually, didn't pay much for it, know what ur thinking,,,and put about that much more into it, and now i have a place i LOVE. It's here on a hill and i can see down into town, and the bridge. And it's sooo quiet. Took years to be able to walk thru from the DR to the LR without having to stop and look at the lites, or the sunsets. Still have to look at the sunsets. The street on the W is a dead end one lot up, and there's no street on the S or E. Perfect. That's why my cats are ok ourside.

Couldn't sleep last nite, til after 1, so i'm really slow today. Here it is almost 2 and i'm still in my robe. I'm so glad i didn't have to get up and go to respite. Not sure when i will get back to that, but still plan on doing it. Probably not til summer is over.

Gonna get up and pretend i can do something,,,yall tc.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

My Dad has been gone since 85, and i still miss him. He was a very special father, and person. I've always told everybody, I was raised right. Was taught to do ur work, pay ur bills, then play. That play was usually a family thing. He saw to it that we learned all the old family games, Red Rover, Drop the Hankerchef, Daddy May I,3 that comes to mind. Also, horseshoes, washers, hide and seek (in the dark). All the domino, card games. Always had the neighbor kids around too. I remember one time during the winter, we were all around the kitchen table playing a very serious game of jacks!!! There were about 12 differnet levels to get thru. There was always a lot of whooping and hollering too. Mom joined in most of the time, too. One time, we had been called for supper 2 or 3 times, and had ignored it til we saw Dad coming. But,,he forgot to duck when he walked under a big pipe coming down to the creek to get us, so while he's stumbling around, holding his head, we ran real fast by him. Guess he forget what he was doing, because we didn't get into trouble that time. He'd run us all off, tho, when he'd get out his steel guitar and start playing that with his amp turned up. Don't think he ever got the hang of it, but not for lack of trying. lololol One time at a chili cook off, he won the moseying contest. Bro in law had a band, and Dad would always request Waltz Across Texas, and would wait and wait. But he wouldn't play it til late, because he knew Dad would leave after that. He'd keep him there as long as he could. He taught me carpentry, plumbing, electrical. I think he liked me being such a tom boy, and i had to compete with 2 bros, and the neighbor boys. And i did. Of course, that ended when i was about 12 or 13. Even now, i can do most of my repair work around the house. Then i married someone who worked on cars, so i learned a lot of that too. Well, the older models.

Ok, back to my Dad. I left my 5 yr old son with him one afternoon, and he sent him off to the bedroom to take a nap. When he went in a few minutes later, he saw his glycerin pills all over the floor and my son was still spitting. Scared my Dad to death, and about that time, my sis stopped by, and took him up to the hospital. The doc told her they wouldn't hurt him, might make him have a bad head ache, so she took him back to Dad. Later, here he comes into the living room really crying, saying his head hurt real bad. Scared Dad all over again. He said, He didn't tell me he had bumped his head on the door!! This same son got mad at Dad one time, and went out and pulled up all the onions in the garden Dad had just planted. Yep, u guessed it, he made him go back and plant all of them back. All the grandkids adored him too. He loved to tell them all these scary stories, about bed time, and Mom would get home from her shift at the hospital, and find all the kids sleeping on the bed, too scared to go to sleep on their pallets. They loved it tho.

OK yall, today has been my tribute to my Dad. Hope u enjoyed my memories as much as i did.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Post

lolol,,,u like my title? Went out and checked on the river yesterday. Out West of town, 2 miles, that dam still had a little water going over. People swimming above. Then i came back and went to look at the one here in town, not going over, people swimming. Don't they know you don't get into this kind of water? We were told that all of our lives. You can get all kinds of bad things from still, nasty water like that. Some can kill you, let alone that horrible skin disease that i can't remember the name of. The one that can make you lose limbs, etc.

I still haven't made it to the shower. Guess it doesn't matter. Got all day, and been on here mostly all morning. Do need to do my dishes. What i really need to do, is get all that done and get out to the HEB, well, today or tomorrow. Just don't do anything that requires early. When i have to make appointments, i always tell them, late morning or early afternoon. After all the years of alarm clocks, i'm thru with them!! I've earned it. lol.

DAM!! Someone just found in one of the government apartments, after a bad odor was detected. An 830. (death). Kinda sick now. Not good in this kind of heat. And besides, in a small town like this, you might know this person. Not enough for me to know who lives there, but,,,,

There's a woman that bought an old trailer house 1/2 block N of here, and is living there with no AC. She comes out late in the afternoon and sits in the shade on the E side, and is still there when i go to bed. When we were growing up, we sure didn't have AC, had fans tho. As kids, we were outside almost all the time during the summer. There was a creek by our house, that we played on all the time. I don't remember ever being hot, lololol,,don't think kids notice. Don't remember being cold either. Mom made us wear coats to school, but they were discarded as soon as we got there, no matter how cold it was. We were all skinny little things too.

Well, i've made a few calls, and still don't know who it was.

Later,,,found out but don't know the woman.

Ok, had lunch, gonna get into shower. Who knows, something might come up today. lol

Been reading this book written by Dolly Parton, about her life. Surprising how many things we heard, said, did, growing up, too, that is the same. My folks originally came from MS. Guess lots of things were the same with all the Southerners. Even the toys, games, etc. Homemade toys, i'm talking about. I can remember having my very own sack for picking cotton that Mom had made for me. That was before we moved down here, from up around Paris, and Honey Grove TX. Blackland farming. Moved here when i was 6. Farming had to depend on the weather. Ranching, here, isn't much better. You just don't make a living doing either.

OK, folks, gone,,,,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Too Darned Many Meds!!

Bob from Athens brought up a good point about our Lowe's super market. Have nooo idea if there's a connection or not. lol, That was the same thing i wondered about too. I've just been in there twice, for a couple of things. Next time, maybe i can remember to ask. Key word there,,,remember. I keep blaming my trouble with my memory on all the meds i'm on. Well, that's when it started!! hahahahaha,,,when i was put on all this crap i have to take. I keep thinking i'm just gonna toss all that, quit it all. WHEN i lose enough weight, i know i can quit a lot of it legally. lol,, My bp is reading a lot lower already, diabetis is curable, the kind i have anyway. Chloresterol will go to normal. See, that's a LOT i won't have to use meds for. Who knows about the neuropathy in my feet.

Got a lot of watering done yesterday, one of my days, and during the hours you have to use. The morning was ok, but from 8-midnite, not good. Went out and turned the hoses off just before 10. Where i had the ends, i guess the water just went straight down, lol, didn't spread at all. But it will seep on the slight incline, and i started at the top. Even that's gonna come to an end real soon, so i'm trying to get at least one good watering done. I haven't done any this year. My next day is Sunday. The weathermen keep saying it's gonna let up next week, but rain?,,,heck no. Maybe some showers might make it in as far inland as Austin, but here?,,,nope. N called yesterday, almost in tears, because one of her hens had died. She looked it over and couldn't find any noticable reason. I think the heat had something to do with it, even tho they are in a shaded pen. By the time she found it, there were fire ants all over it. She sprinkled the last of her sevin dust on the spot where it had been laying to get rid of the ants, then took it down to the river. Just in case, she's gonna get some more to put around the whole pen on the outside. But i don't think the ants were what happened. She just called today, and has to bring in her little dog. Seems they have anus gland problems a LOT. hahahaha,,,bring on the xlax.

I have to laugh every time i see that man, Weiner, on the news. How can anybody be that dumb??? When i first heard about it, i thot they were talking about a man showing his weiner on his online posts, THEN,,,found out he was named Weiner, showing his Weiner. OMG!!! How funny is that??? Then it just got better. hahahahaha What would we do without our elected officials? and Hollywood idiots?

ok folks, lunch time, got potato soup today. Applesauce for dessert. Been sounding good for days. adios.

Checking this out, to see if i can edit my post afterwards.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

River Drying Up

Gosh, woke up around 5 this morning, and never did go back to sleep. Finally got up about 7, and turned the water on some trees when i went out to get the paper. Nearly time to turn it off, til late today. Gonna have to get them deep watered before our water gets totally cut off from outside watering. Austin paper even talking about our river going dry. City says we have about 60-90 days stored, and when that's gone, will have to bring in water. Can't get it out of the river now, too low. Too much stuff in it to filter. I was a kid when it dried up before. I don't remember the hardships, just the pot holes, and the huge catfish 2 of the neighbor boys were getting out. I do remember water being brought in by train. We don't have a train now, so it would have to be trucked in. Back a few years ago, 12 or so, the river got on a 100 year rise, washed out water lines for us on the North side of town. For 3 days we used bottled water the city delivered or you could go by places and pick it up. I flushed my comode by bringing in buckets of water from my pond. After 2 days, i put a pan in the tub and kinda had a bath, at least it felt better than the sponge ones i had been doing. That seems to be coming this year.

OK, time to run out and turn my water off for now. Got a hackberry tree out in front that's not looking good. The whole top is leafless. And hackberrys are tough! Almost as much as mesquite. I'll run water on it later today.

Went out to Ns for supper yesterday. They bought a new Sears riding mower last year, and before the summer was over, the deck broke off while she was mowing one day. Sears went out and fixed it, but,,,, same thing, same place this year. She's a little upset!! She did get a repairman out there, finally, yesterday and he wrote it up as defective, needing to be welded again, in the same place. THEN, told her she had to pay him for coming there, from Austin!!! hahahahaha, Did she ever hit the ceiling. She's wanting a new mower, but NOT the same as that one. I think Sears should recall them, she can't be the only one that has had that happen.

Gonna make a quick store trip in a bit. Some potato soup has been sounding pretty good. Need a few other things too. This new Lowe's super market we have, is really gouging us. Super S was bad enough, but the new owner is lots worse. Even with gas so high, i'm still gonna shop at HEB, 22 miles from here. Think i might can get everything at the $ store.

OO,,,yeah, got my bill for paper renewal. Last time i paid for 6 months. Ok, things i've gotta get done, before it gets hot.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't u hate to wait on deliveries? Been waiting an hour for a delivery from my drug store. Putting off my shower, and everything else. Wasted time. Don't pick my refills up, there's never a parking space there, and they do deliveries 3 times a day. A new one is being built that will have a drive thru, just up the street from me. YEAAAAA. Maybe in August. Too hot to get out anyhow. lololol

Just when i had decided to water my trees, the restrictions went into effect. I'm still gonna do it, but will just have to leave an open hose running for hours, instead of a sprinkler. I'll start at the upper part, and the drainage will help the others. Gonna deep water once a month while i can, might end that before summer is over. I've never been able to get a tree to grow on the East side, by my back door. Don't know why. I've set out 2 different ones and they ended up dying.

Just clicked on something and lost half my post. DAMMMMM.

Got my delivery and shower. Since today is Wed, my official weigh in,,been 3 weeks now, i'm showing down 9 lbs. Not bad!! Makes it all worth while. That was even after eating breakfast. Almost noon, so now i'm thinking about lunch,,,,hahahaha. Gonna be oatmeal, i think. Nothing else sounds any better. Gonna have to get out to the grocery soon. The one here is so over priced, not sure if it will be better or not, to drive 22 miles to an HEB. Guess it depends on how long a list i have, huh?

OK folks, outa here for today, yall have a goodun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weather, Gives Us Something to Talk About,

Got a notice thru email yesterday, city going into stage 3 water restriction. Outside watering with hand held hose only, restricted to certain hours on ur 2 days a week. Even the golf course can't run sprinklers. Can't wash ur car except at car washes, and in the hours that apply. Gosh, don't think this has happened since maybe the 50s. That was when our river dried up,,,and i can see that happening now. So much hot weather coming, months and months. Only hope is a stray hurricane, and they usually don't get this far inland. Don't remember who was talking about global warming recently (now called climate change) but i sure don't believe in all that crap u read. Weather changes!!! Always has, always will. Ain't nothing we can do about it. We didn't cause it, we can't fix it. So, now u know. lol Grin and bear it.

When i got home with Jude yesterday, i just set the carrier down and opened it outside. Got kinda worried later when he wasn't out there. He did finally show up about 2 hours late. He gets in his cool spot, and stays. Anyway, he's fine. Cats are like elephants, they NEVER forget. So next time i need to take him somewhere, i will still have to be sneaky about it. Sneakier, probably, lol.

DD sure hate to see ur swamp drying up, taking with it all the little things that have lived there. Plus all the things that water there. So sad.

Told the Hermit that when i read that story today, about the rapist, I LOL,,,God forgive me. Hope the old lady did too!!! She musta been one hot mama. hahahahaha

Almost lunch time, and i have 1/2 of that left over pork chop, yummmmm. I'll try to put the recipe here, making it short. Buy 1/2 to 3/4" rib cut, bone in. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, little bit of sugar (for browning) on one side. Put into cold pan, (i had poured out oil, but didn't wash pan, so had the pan oiled), turn on med heat, cook a few mins on each side, reduce heat to low, cover, cook til done. That's it!!,,,Was sooo juicy. Let me know if u try it, and how it turns out.

Ok, chop calling,,,yall tc

Monday, June 13, 2011

Memory Lane

LOLOLOL,,,DD, I don't remember having a slinky, but we didn't have many toys. We played games mostly, instead. BUT, my kids had them, and I played with them then!! lololol It was kinda good to be so young, when we were having our kids. Loved playing with them, and I sure enjoyed the kids as teens. Am i the only one to ever say that?? hahahaha. I think we might have been the only parents that had our teen age sons and their friends going with us to do things, but,,,,motocross races, drag races, boat races, a day at the mall? On their birthdays, they got to pick the events and eating place for the day, in Austin. My youngest always picked Burger King,,,lololol. The other, Poncho's all u could eat Mexican food. WE liked Luby's with all the different choices for everybody. And nearly always, my bro B was with us too. He was just 4 years older and the boys adored him.

One time, i took my dotter and her friend to Austin to do school shopping. Got there and she realized her leather bracelet with her name on it, was gone. We looked everywhere in the car, and didn't find it. Nothing to do but go on with the day. LONG DAY! lol, 2 teen girls shopping for clothes. Half way home, later, on the highway, i slammed on the brakes, and turned around, went back, and OMG,,,there that bracelet was, laying there in the middle of the highway, been run over all day, but,,,there it was!! Unreal huh? She had cracked the window and thrown out gum paper on the way TO Austin, and the bracelet somehow went out too. Gosh, hadn't thot about that in years.

DD, not pigs in Ns garden. They really tear up things rooting around. Have had them in my yard. She told me later she had seen a rabbit in there once, and it had run out in the corner, but she couldn't see how. lol,,,but wasn't a rabbit digging things up, either. She's ready to shoot a neighbor's goat if it shows up eating her flowers and stuff in the yard.,,Like it did another neighbors. Maybe he'll get it first. She said would be a bar b q. One of B's friends always won the World Championship Goat cook off. Used to have it in Brady, not sure where, now. B has the secret sauce recipe.

Got this pork chop cooking like i saw to do in a book. See if it's as good as supposed to be. Have to guess when it's done, don't have a thermometer. Never used one, so,,,,If it's not done, i'll cook a little longer. That's my way.


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Not getting motivated any more to do these. At least on a daily basis. Rather than become boring, i'm gonna just post when i have something to post about. Like a lot of the others i keep up with. DDs and Hermits are never boring, still laughing over the 'dead' possum. And maybe it's just me, not feeling good yet.

Got up way too early today, after hearing on scanner about a fight on a boat and one getting thrown overboard. The wife of the one thrown out, was pounding on a door, telling them she needed help. Didn't find out til later how SHE made it to shore. She jumped out when the boat died. Seems as tho the water was just waist deep there where it happened, and they both had waded out. but not to the same place. He was found ok. By then,,i just got up. Now i need a nap.

Bro, B, came by and cut a big limb off my roof. Had been there for a long time. He sure had a hard time with it getting hung on others. But finally it fell off. About a 5" diameter limb,,broke several months ago then we had that bad wind. Gosh, gonna have to water some of my trees. Gotta have those. There's one little chinaberry tree came up out behind my store room, about 3 years ago. I've never put a drop of water on it, and it's thriving. Explain that!! I can't. Even the hackberrys look a little limp. And they are tough.

N called earlier and said something had gotten into their garden and dug up the potatoes and onions. I asked how anything could have gotten in, but she hadn't looked very good to see. Had to be an armadillo, dug under the fence. The veges weren't eaten, just dug up. she was going back to look a little better. lol C was working on the boat, thinking he might have figured out why it won't start. Have to catch up with them later. Guess she hasn't seen any more gray snakes. (Leave em alone!) lol I told her, "u know which 4 are the poison ones, that the only ones to worry about!" and none are gray.

Nap time, bb when i'm back.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

ISP Gone All Day

Sry folks, ISP down since right after i got up, til just a bit ago. Nothing going on today anyway.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fresh Eggs Coming........

Hey all, realized late yesterday that i hadn't done a post, so just left it at that. I am getting a little better daily. This is what i've always called a head cold, just takes a while to go away. Got a cough today, and i guess i'm gonna have to continue the cough med.

Gosh, don't know why i can't sleep. Did it again last nite. Makes 3 now. Not sleeping at nite, makes me need a nap during the afternoon, an endless cycle. It will end on it's own, nothing i can do to speed it up.

Sitting on da porch with the Hermit this morning,,,reading all the facts, etc, which i love, then the postings to it. Had to laugh about everybody talking about USA as being the whole North American continent.

Just cooked some low salt ramen for lunch. Had some chicken fajita meat in the freezer, to add to it. Just sounded good today. Should get 2 meals from it.

Feeling lite headed, but took my bp, was 107/74, so not that. Was low when i went to see the doc, and she told me to keep an eye on it. Taking the meds for it, and losing weight fast , i will have to watch it. N just told me everybody has this "stuff", whatever it is. She's gonna bring me some eggs, but not gonna come in, lololol,,,i told her to knock and run. lmaoooo. She called a couple of days ago, asking what was a gray snake. Told her it was probably a racer, and leave it alone. lol,,,She had run to get her shovel but it had run off. I told her they would chase u sometimes, and she said any time one did that, was gonna be a dead one!!! She had been running a sprinkler and that had attracted it, not the water, but the insects it brings. They have a well, and are gonna put a pump into the river to use too.

Gotta take Hey Jude and get his update for physical and rabies. Next week will do, tho. Got the card yesterday. Too much rabies around now to ever ignore that. I have to get the carrier out and set in here, to let him get used to it. That way he won't run and hide. hahahahaha, well, maybe. Fancy always thot if she couldn't see u, u couldn't see her, and i always took her in a nylon bag. She was fine, invisible. Would unzip and she would stick her head up, big eyed, and never move while the vet did his thing. Way back, i would just throw 3 in my car, take them, and get them out one by one. They would laugh, because no one else had ever done that. The cats just made themselves at home, didn't mind the ride.

Don't know if we will have fire works or not on the 4th. Paper today said Austin and surrounding area wouldn't. Makes sense to me. They do ours on the side of the river, going out over it, so not much danger there, and for a small town, it's a really good display. When my youngest son was born, middle of June, we were in an horrible heat spell, like 110-112, for weeks. Back then all we had was an huge water cooler that did no good, running that hot water thru the pipes to it. (Right now, don't need hot water heater). Anyway, i would load up the kids and just ride around in our air conditioned car during the worst of the afternoon trying to keep my new baby cool. Did that for about 2 weeks before the weather changed. So now, seeing the 100 not too bad. lol And we were acclimated to it back then, and could get outside in the shaded yard as needed, but NOT heat that hi.

Blogger still messed up, won't publish this unless i go thru edit posts at the top. Still can't come back and add anything either. Can't post to DDs blog, and on Hermit's today, had to do it twice, wouldn't work first time.

Yall have a good day,,,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Getting There

Little better today. Got an antibiotic, cough med, musinex, all fixed up now, lol. Had to write down what to take and when,,too darn many. Not just those, but i'm including all the others too. Thot i had a full bottle of cough med, but just had 2 doses, so had to go to the $ store and get 2 more bottles. If u buy the one with dextromethorpohan 10% listed first, it'll work as good as any thing else. Learned that years ago thru the paper of course. Been getting that Austin American daily for ummmm,,,about40 years. Always got up earlier than needed to have my coffee and read it, before everybody else got up. Tried doing it online a few years ago, couldn't stand it, no ads!! lololol Lasted about a month. My bro, B, told me he knew what i meant, he felt the same way. You never realize it.

Gosh, just ate lunch and now i need a nap. Might have to do it. Trying to eat things out of my freezer that's been in there a long time. Today, was buffalo wings, FF, easy fixings. Not up to anything else. And besides, i never, well rarely, cook. When i was gonna get married the 2nd time, told him i didn't cook. He said,,who cares? lolol My g/dotter laughed til she cried one time, cause he was reading the instructions on how to open a can of biscuits. He could always cook outside. And i did cook, just wasn't important. A friend from Austin told me we should market my potato salad,,was so good. He was a big DJ, n all the kids were crazy about him. We were having a bar b q one time, had my 12 yo niece and a friend of hers out there with us, and all the fixings were inside on the kitchen table. The kids and i were there and he came in and filled his plate, then went back out. I told the kids, that's,,,so n so,,,and OMG,,they got big eyed, took off running out the door, and then just froze, their eyes huge, and mouths open.! lmaoooo. He loved it, lol. We did have tons of fun the 2 1/2 yrs we were together. But,,,he had a totally crazy teenage dotter that drove HIM nuts, and i finally just had enough. I never understood why people won't stand up to their own kids. Mine would never have dreamed of doing and saying things to me, like she did to him. I told a guy one time, later, DON"T have anything to do with her!!! Later, he said,,you were right. she is crazy. Still is, and now it all seems like it never was there in my life. Sure never missed it. And that friend stayed MY friend.

O yeah, that was when we hosted 2 biker meets on Labor Day week ends. WOOOHOOOOO,,, 3 day parties!! On Monday, when one was about over and everybody about gone, we were all standing around the last keg, and the hill where they had run for 3 days, was muddy going down from the overflow. All of a sudden this gopher sticks it's head up, and this girl says, ooooo,,,how cute, and goes over and PICKS IT UP!!! Wait!!!,,,why isn't that thing biting her hands off???, and meanwhile, they pass it around. All i could figure out, that was one drunk gopher!!,,,You got any other explanation? llololololol It never did bite anybody. I sure didn't hold it. I have a whole stack of pics. The photographer gave me prints later. He's the one that got tangled up in a barbed wire fence, broke his camera lens, and came over and asked if we had any super glue. I said sure, and got it for him. We all could NOT believe it!! He was putting it on his LIPS,,,saying no more beer,,, that was a $5000 lens!!! Like i said, fun times.

Nap time,,,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Charges Dismissed

Today's paper says the charges against the 10 year old were dismissed. Have to be 15. lololol,,,stupid cop. Seeing it on the news now. Locally, anyway. Still laughing about it, tho, him saying "I don't have a signature, i'm just 10" ahahahaha,,,then printing his name on the ticket.

Not feeling good today, trying to decide if i should go c the doc r not. Didn't sleep all nite, so that's most of it. How can u sleep when ur nose starts running water out? Can't talk,,didn't know it til i tried to talk to sis in law. Ran the neti pot thru both sides of nose. Still taking allergy pills. While i was up around 2:30, was in dining room, reading, when a darn scorpion came running toward me. Sprayed that thing with a yellow jacket spray and it didn't even faze it. Had to chase it down and squash it. Got stung getting back into bed last year, by one. Soooo,,,wasn't a good nite.

DD, it's strange how u can get turned around. There's a place in Kerrville that i get that way every time!! It's inside that little mall over there. Then once, coming out of Ft Worth. Took a lot of convincing that i was going the wrong way. Then all of a sudden, it switches back. Even now, it will happen. How is that possible? My mom had a place between here and Burnet.

Guess i had better c if i can get the dishes done. Then maybe get dressed. Called n got an appointment for 2;30 to c a DA, my doc not there today. Having that pneumonia 3 years ago, makes me concerned, since i do have COPD. I had that without knowing it, no fever, no cough. Just felt bad and short winded. lol, checked my oxygen and it's 96, so that's ok. Yep, got one of those little thingys that clips on ur finger to do that. That way, i can know when i'm in trouble. Right now, everything is from the neck up. Don't think it's the smoke from NM and AZ, think that's going another way. Besides, i never even got out yesterday. My son called late yesterday, and before he hung up, he finally told me he had had to go get staples. What???,,,Seems he leaned over and caught his head on a clasp and cut a 3" hole in his scalp, didn't know it, so later when it had kept bleeding, he asked his dad to look at it, and omg,,,sure his dad nearly passed out. Anyway, he went on, got staples instead of stitches because of 2 weddings he has to be in. Didn't want a shaved head on top. He was just thankful he could go to the office, not the ER. He laughed and laughed about the doc asking if he had ever had stitches. like,,,1000s,,,lost count long ago.

Later. Got dishes done, trash ready. Take it out on Tues, cause they come so early on Wed. Then, had to get back down. Don't have to dress for hours yet. Got enough leftovers for lunch. All set. lol

You c how i can wander. lol,,rattle on.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I Don't Have a Signature, I'm Just 10

OMG,,, lost my new post, trying to correct it. Rewrote the whole thing, then it wouldn't post. OK,,,here's the link for the story.
Not gonna rewrite everything now. Thot i had found a way to edit a post, but,,,NOT. Wouldn't publish after i did.
DD, thx for ur comment on yesterday's. U know i read urs every day, don't ya, u should, after u went missing. lololol
Thot i was coming down with something yesterday, had a sore throat coming on, then all nite my nose was running water. Throat fine today, but head stopping up. took an allergy pill earlier. Where did this come from???? What u got down there DD? lol, something blew in.
OMG, been wanting to reach for a cigarette all morning!!!!, and it was 3 years on 5-1 that i had quit. Worse today for some reason. Almost never happens, but it does. Probably will do that forever.

Talking about stupid cops, brings to mind a story about my son and a brand new yamaha. Took it to the dealership in Austin for the 500 mile checkup, and they loaded it, WRONG, with him telling them so, and it fell over and got scratched within blocks. And yes, he went back!! Then,,got on it after he got back here, and it was missing!! So here he goes, across a big parking lot, gunning it, doing wheelies, and,,,came down on a brand new Cadillac side mirror!! He was more upset over his broken tail lite than that car. The 2 old people had been coming out of the store and saw it happen, and they worked it out with him telling them he would fix it. But then a cop drives up, someone had called it in. The cop hemmed and hawed around, but didn't know anything to do about it, so told him to take it home. He did, and about an hour later, here comes the cop. He had gone to the office and looked until he found something he could ticket him for, and came to the house to do it!!! Is that fair??? I sure didn't think so. But he and the cop became friends later. And, he and his dad fixed the Cadillac ,,,to perfection. One nite when he was still a teen, i heard on my scanner a cop saying he was gonna stop him for having red lites on his hood scoop. The sheriff told him to just tell him they were illegal and leave him alone! lololol They all knew he was a good kid, and still is. The cop was from another place here in the county. And yes, he knew the lites were illegal, but didn't use them much, had a switch inside. But after that, he took them off. He was a wiring genius. One time when he was 14, a man called and asked him if he would rewire a Lincoln wiring system that had all burned out. He did.

ok shower time, yall tc

Sunday, June 5, 2011

OOOO, to be a Kid Again,,NOT

Thot i had figured out how to post to DDs blog. On the bottom of the posting page, was a sign up for a feed, which i did, after checking out what all it meant. Didn't work, DD. But i did read the old blog about the tiger. I had read it way back when u put it out, but reread it.

Here it is almost 2 pm, and i've done NOTHING. Well, made a few CDs for the kids that graduated, that i had filmed with my flip. Not the graduation, the party beforehand. My nephew and a few of his friends and their families. After that nite's ceremonies, they all loaded on a bus and went to Austin to play. Bro and his wife went too, but in their car. Then,,,next nite, the real party, which i woke up about 1;30 am, hearing about a fight with about 20 kids out in the street. Found out yesterday, was just 2 kids, but that led the police to the party, lololol,,a lot got away by running, but a lot didn't. Nephew one of those. Bro said he got a call from son, saying,,Dad, if u will come get me, they won't put me in jail. Soo, he did. and picked up a couple more kids, saying they were staying with him for the week end. One would have gone to jail because they couldn't get ahold of his parents, and he had been at the party the day before. The ones they caught, got MIPs. He said he'd know to run, next time. hahahaha. Also heard a niece's name too.

OK,,just got my bedding changed, and IM THRU. I'm NOT the kind of person that HAS to do anything at any given time. More of,,,if i don't wanna, it can wait,,kind. Outdoor thermometer showing 100.4, and that's cause a cloud just came over. Had been 102.6.

OOOKKKK,,, have i told u, about my weight?,,,After a week, i was down 3 1/2 lbs, but after 10 days, down 6!! Can't celebrate with food,,,hahahaha, won't go down after a certain amount. Tried again to eat steak out at Ns yesterday, had to gag it up. Hangs and won't go down, and it hurts. I even chewed it double the 30 times, lol. Pork was ok. Suited me, pork was great. You just can't cheat on this one., lololol

Since i'm so way out of time with the day, yall be good. r not.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Parade Day

Here it is, 1/4 til 10, and just heard on scanner about the parade. lolol,,guess i really didn't want to get out and go. Too late now. Did try to call my son, c if he was putting in any of his cars. No answer. Well, got out and went to check, and no, none of his cars. In case anyone doesn't know, he and his dad have lots of rebuilt GTOs. and one has won top of the show, lots of times. Another, won lots of drags, well, 2, actually. Way back in hi school, he had a trans am, he and his dad had repaired, and he sold that to buy his first GTO, a 64. This was when he was 17. That started it. The yellow 72 might be my fav, (the drag one) but then there's the yellowbird. That's a trans am, called yellowbird. OMG,,,what a car. They have enough to have their own car shows,. lololol. Way back, right after he started driving his 64, night before deer season, a hunter saw him putting gas in it. Made a squealing stop, came back, and kept making him offers to buy it. He kept telling the man NOOO. Man wouldn't take that for an answer, kept going up, and finally my son just got in and drove off. It's been sitting up on blocks for years, now.

I've never been interested in rodeos, and back when i did go, was just for the bull riding. That was when we went and took the kids. Never was the cowboy type, gimme a motorcycle. When i was single, wouldn't even dance with a man in a hat. Had a young one stop at my table one time, and kept telling me he was George Strait's little bro. Told him, i hate GS, and he just kept on, like that would impress me. lmao.. had the opposite effect. We always had motorcycles, not horses!! hahahahaha. and race cars.

This is for DD. DD, i read ur blog every day, and always enjoy it. I don't know what happened either, since i could post on it a couple of weeks ago, and now i can't. But even more strange, i can on the others that use google act. Would u try not having to go thru the word check?,,,just out of curiosity. C if i can, going straight on. Just a thot. Bob from Athens has the same problem. I can't post here on mine, using google. But i have a choice of name/url that will let me. All u have to enter is name. then continue. Now, the question is,,,,is it google or blogger???? hahahahaha,,,ok,,,,do ur wondering.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Animal Control,,Needed

DD, now, bears r one thing we DO NOT have, except when one goes wandering thru. We DO have animal control, and that's sure what i'd be calling. hahahaha, can just c our man chasing a mama bear with those 2 cubs. lmaooo.

There's a new show on animal channel, the cat from hell. Besides a dog whisperer, now there's a cat one. From all my years of being cat hosts, i have learned a lot about their body language, etc. One time, saw a cat phychiatrist on tv, telling how to make ur cats quit scratching on furniture. He said, blow up balloons, pin them all over the chairs, sofas, etc, and when they popped would scare the cats and make them leave those alone. HA!!! He never had siamese. I went right to the store and bought a bag of balloons, spent the afternoon blowing them up, pinning them all over my furniture, and stood back to watch. Ok,,here goes,,,one walks up to one balloon, sniffs, then puts his paw up there, and POP,,,he looks at that thing, then another, does the same. WOW,,,what fun!!!,,But then, they figure out they can gently put their ,,,hand,, up under that balloon, and pull them off and bat them around til they pop. Now i've got popped balloons with pins, all over the place. You ever stepped on a pin in carpet? Not good, i tell ya. Don't ever try to tell me cats don't think, or plan. Seen it too many times. Even my vet told me, that my siamese shouldn't be classified as cats. lol,,,Will try to find some pics of them. Had the same line for lots of years. Even my x and son don't have any of those any more either.

OK,,gotta get in the shower, nearly noon. lololol,,going nowhere, so why hurry?

Was reading BBs blog and saw where he might camp at Brownwood. Good place, and he even mentioned Inks, and that's right on my door step. In this county, Llano. It's a controlled level except in extreme circumstances. One year the river that goes into it, the Colorado, and the Llano, had floods so bad, they had to release too much and made it flood a lot of homes there. Now, it's ok, our rivers are still flowing good. Somehow. Anyway, BB, hope u become a resident for a while. Good places.

ok,, bb

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This n That,,,

OOO DD,,I can post to allll the others with my google, just not urs. Sends me to a sign in page, which i did again today, then the word verification, then post, goes right back to that sign in page. So somehow, has to be from ur end. SSSSS

No news, good news, about pesky? Can't find anything today. Has anybody else heard since yesterday?

Just cooked some pan seared shrimp, yummmm,,,,waiting on other to get done. Had never tried it this way. Fast and easy, and soooo good. If u want the recipe, let me know. I have to eat really slow, and can't eat near what i could before. Might be able to eat 3 r 4 of these. Right NOW, but,,will bb. lol Used to buy a pound of frozen, batter it up, deep fry it, and would feed all 4 of us, as much as we could eat, and still be leftovers. Good ol buttermilk batter. Talking 2 teen age boys, too. Ok, had 3, gotta wait now. Feels like i'm stopped up. Every time i took just one drink of water during the nite, it did this. I would have to sit up until i could burp, lol, like feeding a baby. And i'm having really bad indigestion since i had this done. Even with the water. So i can't lay back down and go right back to sleep til all that is taken care of. Changed my appointment to go back to July 5, with my friend S. We've done this the last 2 times, and it helps both of us. What is making it allll worth while??,,,i weighed yesterday, been a week, was down 3 1/2 lbs. Darn sure worth it.

Who was talking mosquitoes?,,,,o yeah, DD. We have em here. No let up. Even had a spot of fleas outside in one place, but they r gone now. Mother always said they migrate thru sometimes. They were there about 3 weeks, and i did use sevin dust, but no fleas now. Hey Jude got his drops, so hes flea free too. The other one i had, Fancy, if she got ONE flea on her, she would do all kinds of shaking, jumping, biting, all with ears laid back. Then wouldn't ever walk on the carpet any more. Would jump from one thing to the other, and have u ever seen a cat tip toe?,,,she did it. on the little bit of space she would have to hit. Wish i had had my flip.

Had some kinda shocking news today. One of the men that volunteered at respite, just died of a sudden heart attack, had been to the doctor the week before, gotten married 2 weeks before, and had one like my Dad, here one sec, gone the next. He was retired, and 63. I know i might sound callous, but that's sure how i want it.

Hang in there,