Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Quick Update

Nailed it.  He put an ephidural into the bottom of my spine so it would go upward and cover several disks, and it has....Almost immediately. The first 2, over a period of 2-3 years, in the hip did the same thing, but,, not this last one. Had to be into the spine. Eventually the openings on the spine where the nerves come out, will close up enough, it will take more than these blockers.

We've been having heavy rain most of the morning, so glad. We've missed the heavy stuff before this, and this area is where it's needed to refill the lakes.

Just now seeing the amtrac derailment on the news. Wow. Really bad. Up around your home area, DD.

Cleaned my ceiling fan this morning,,,,YUKKK, Why do i wait too long? I run it on low during the winter to push the heat down, then medium all the other times. That thing has run since i moved in here, almost 14 years ago.... good one, huh?

It's been cool enough, i dug out my fleece robe again... hahahah, just got it washed and hung. Feels darn good too.

Ok,, know these are boring, and no one except DD reads them, but there it is. Thx DD.

Yall tc, and