Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the Wetback Bar episode

$%$#@ after that story about a mexican grocery from bb, the other day, guess i gotta tell u about stopping at a mexican bar. Was out just driving, n bar hopping, and way out in nowhere on the side of the highway we were on,  saw this ol vehicle pull out from this little one room place, told bf,,that's a bar, i can tell,,by the way he drove outta there, sooo here we went. Stopped just inside the door., looked around, and the few in there was just staring. Went to the bar, ordered our beer, and ooo noo. NO HABLA ENGLISH,,had to call a customer to come up and interpret for our beer order. Needless to say,we sat way over with our backs to the wall, watching them watch us, drank most of those beers, and left. Got on down the highway, about 30 minutes, and this one looked lots better. Got outta the car,, and oooo NOOOO,,,I had left my purse back there!!!!  Had quite a bit of money in it, plus all my id, etc, so,,just back in the car, back to the wetback bar, get the interpreter again, and then, i glance over at the table where we had sat. There was that purse, same spot. Never been touched!!! We grabbed and ran.....told bf that some day, we could laugh about that..  lmaoo,,,don't think he ever did.

Got a long nite's sleep.  When that *&^%$^%$# time change happens, i just pretend it didn't, go by what  i see on the clock, and get used to it a lot quicker.  Never let yourself think ,,that's really 9, not 10, just sit back and go with the flow.  lol I seem to do that with most of life.  After getting up about 9:15 this morning, i'm still not showered and dressed, but,,,wth cares?  Almost lunch time, too.

Gotta get up earlier tomorrow,,,gotta go for my last dentist trip.  That will end my upkeep i was kinda behind on.  Told him last time,,,"TIME OUT, GOTTA LAUGH",,and with him working in my mouth, i can't EVER talk!!!  He keeps me laughing the whole time.   His assistent  told us she'd hate to see us in a bar together,  with all the bs going on, but she's laughing too.  I go over to Fredericksburg, the tourist trap, so it takes about an hour to get there.  It's a clinic for people like me that can't afford the high priced dental work, and the cost is on a sliding scale.  I've had lots of fillings done, one pulled that had decayed under a filling, cleaned, and about to get the last ones filled. 

I just get tears when i see that little 4 month old baby found alive in Japan.  Gonna have to look more of that story up on ustream or youtube.  Humbling.

Seems i've run outta steam today.  Austin has the SXSW going on, has gotten so huge, don't know how anyone could go and enjoy anything any more.  And Austin IS the music capital of the world now!!  NOT Nashville.  lolol During this 2 week span, there will be over 2000 live bands, playing somewhere. 

Well after that outburst, i'm thru for now.  yall have a goodun