Saturday, August 29, 2015

Diagnosis,, I'm Sane

Yep, found out im still sane. Told him my only problem was age,, then i told him not to ever get old...hahahaha,,, that sure didnt come out right. He had just gotten  married, going on his honeymoon next week. I also gave him some advice about raising kids, and,, he wrote it down! lmao. It was,,, play with them, that's what my Dad did, and i still miss him doing that. My nephew asked me when his first 2 girls were very small, and that's what i told him too, and he did. Has 3 great kids.

Got a call on the way back, and it was someone telling me they had scheduled me with the wrong doc for Monday, so they had to re-do. Now it's Wed. i hope, depends on the bus service. I needed an orthopedic spine doc, so now thats what it is.

There was a McDs next door and the driver took me thru the drive thru, and i got a salad that was sooooo goood. Wish someone here had something like that. Just ate about half, so had the rest for supper.

Boy! That riding just about kills me. I had to take another pain pill at bedtime, but boy, did i sleep. After getting home, it about killed me to have to get up and walk at all. Just woke up one time, thats really rare.

No great gran yet... overdue since the 21st. Mine were all about a week late, so just add it on from the get-go....

Yall tc, and