Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's Happening?

Good morning yall.  I did remember this today.  Got side tracked once,,looking at a swap shop on facebook for this area.  Didn't see anything for me,,need to put some of my stuff on there.  Got lots of 'stuff' i need to get rid of.

Saw on the news this morning,,that a place in Kingsland that burned, was arson.. It was the Kingsland Health Clinic, and i'm not sure where or what that is.  BUT, yesterday, there was a call for a house fire there, fully engulfed, and before they could get there and do much, the one next to it caught on fire too.  WAIT, that's not all!!  They call in for help from 3 surrounding places, and before any of them can get there, there's ANOTHER fire, behind a lube place.  In this area, the fire depts are volunteer, but they all jump when needed.  Had 4 different ones working those 3 fires yesterday. 

Years ago, we had a string of arson fires, and when the culprit was finally caught, it was the fire chief's son.  He went to prison over it, got out, got in more trouble, went back. 

This sure sounds like there's an arsonist doing it,,too many,,,all at one time.  Hmmm,,,wonder if that ol boy is out of prison yet?,,,

I'm still carrying my car plates around,,,lol.  Can't forget those,,,they're laying on my car seat.  With the sticker too.  Years ago, before that sticker went on the inside of the windshield,,,they stuck on the back license plate.  Mine was stolen one time,,how i ever noticed i don't know, but i did.  So,,when i replaced it, and from then on, i cut an X across it.  Let em try to take that off and stick it on another one,,,lol. 

Got stopped one time, not doing anything, and the dps guy told me my front plate was gone.  I told him it had been there not long before when i had washed the car, and i'm sure he didn't believe me, but that was the truth.  When i got home later and looked the screws were still there.  Whoever took it, took the time and put the screws back! 

Ok,,mind's gone numb,,yall tc, and