Monday, January 21, 2013


How's this Monday morning for yall?  So far so good here.  Just got thru reading all my blogs, will try to get a little bit posted on mine.

Wanna thank Luci and Loree for taking off the verify thingy,,,I don't comment if I have to do those.  And I don't comment on blogs that have no reply place.  When questions are asked, I like to see an answer too, even from other people.  But,,i do read them.

Whatever stuff I had is gone,,,felt good yesterday and today too.  Wasn't the flu, was just in my head.  And no fever.  So far, flu shot seems to be working.  My son won't take them, cause he says every time he did, he ended up with the flu.  Who knows?  I took the pneumonia vaccine, and started having it,,,lol.

I haven't seen the big buck out back,,look when I think of it.

Seems there's lots of businesses closed today,, not just city and county, and government.  Had to turn my tv off at 9, sure wasn't interested in the inauguration.  I avoid politics. Always told people in bars,,no talk of politics or religion.  Did I ever tell you I bar tended for a while?  Loved it.  It was during an unemployment time, and I was paid in cash.  I drew that for 11 months,,didn't really want to find another job until I had to.  After working for 18 years, I had a long vacation...

That was when I got into home health care, and loved it.  After those 11 months.  Went back to bookkeeping later, to make a living, but ended back up in HHC, but with a better position that paid really well.  lololo,,, til they laid us all off.   Another long unemployment, then retirement.

Haven't seen the pelicans lately.  I was hoping they would stay for the winter, and come back next year.

Did yall read Lotta Joy's, Witless Relocation Program, blog today...hahahahaha,,,She hit it right on the head...The link in on mine so go check it out...

Yall tc and