Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

WOOOOHOOOO... it's working right!!! Got another cc put into this band, and now,,,a few bites is all i can handle.  Just one cup of coffee was all i could get down too.  Made for a horrible nite tho.  Took my late pills, late, and that was after drinking one of those things that are meal replacement drinks, and o boy.  All nite, i had those bitter pills coming back up in my mouth.  Won't drink anything after 6 any more!!!  Was after 5 before that let up, had to lay on my back, otherwise the pressure would push that liquid up.  yukkkkkkkkk. Gonna have to watch my sugar carefully.  Tempted to just drop those pills.
Eating oatmeal now, and a few bites is all i can do.  Sue just showed up with some stew type stuff. YUMMM.

We drove thru a lot of the burned places on 71, and it makes u sick.  Then last nite, heard there is another fire going in Bastrop County again!  Was 25% contained late last nite, and no houses lost yet.  Read why so much of those places around 71, where we were, stays like it is.  It's in a habitat, and to just cut down a cedar tree, u have to have a permit.  Even in ur own yards.  They just changed it, after the fires, to,,,u could cut down cedars up to 3" without the permits.  Prices to pay, when u deal with the government. 

My concern is,,where do all the animals, birds, reptiles, etc go,,after these fires, that is, if they lived thru it?  No food, no protection, and i was told deer were showing up at peoples homes, hanging around now.  I remember an old Steve Irwin show about going thru rescuing all kinds of things, after a fire.  Does anybody do this here, now?  They do dogs and cats, pets, but not the wild ones.  Did see where some people were taking food out for the wild life.  They've lost their homes too.

Ok, off my band wagon, lol.  Quit trying to eat, will try again later. 

Think i really need to get up and make a few moves.  Like, shower, do a little vacuuming, (MAYBE),,wash dishes.  Need to go pick up another can of that expanding foam stuff, for the door.  Hope they have it at the $ store.  Everybody hates to go to Buttery's.

Might make it back later.  who knows.