Saturday, March 29, 2014

How do You Like It?

When I first saw the beginning,, I thot,,OMG! 
But,, it kinda grew on me, and by the time all that trim was done, it looks really good.  After all, I used yellow and chartreuse, (the color of bachelor buttons.)
One time, I had those growing at the back, and my  niece walked around the corner, sucked in her breath and went ooooo wow… They had grown window high, and were just beautiful. 
They came back for several years, but finally died out, don’t know why.
I’m wondering now, if the glucosamine sulfate is actually helping my hip and wrist.  I’m almost totally pain free!  I ordered a new supply, just in case…we’ll see.
My blood pressure and sugar have been up, gotta see what’s going on with that.  Don’t want to add that diuretic back, nor take more metformin. 
I saw on one of those morning shows last week, about doing 1 minute of intense exercise per week to put you in shape and lost weight.  They talked about doing 20 seconds at a time, but didn’t get if that was per day, or 3 times a day, 3 times a week.  lol,,, whatever, I’m doing it.  He has a book out,,of course, but,, gonna do it from what I saw on the tv show.
Thot I remembered how Mother made her biscuits.  I swear she said just self rising flour and water…. HA,, that didn’t work.  Asked everybody if they remembered but nope, so I looked it up online and tried one, and it’s ok.  Lots better than what I had done before…lol.  My sister N said reg. flour and baking powder, etc, but I knew that wasn’t the one I remembered.  I’ll try another one next time, see what I come up with.  Anybody know?
Yall tc, and

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gosh, What a Perfect Day

Woke up from my nap, and it started raining,,,and i put a pan of brownies in the oven... yummmm.  The smell, the sights, and the sounds.... even thunder once in a while.  I'm watching out my back door, hearing it on my metal roof.

Yall are welcome to join me....but if not, tc, and


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Not So Bad?

This is what my SIL wears,, and she told me yesterday that she still does,,,every nite.  They both get a better nite’s sleep,,,, lol.
I’m not sure if I have it or not,, after seeing the questions on the form I got to fill out.  But,, since I have the appointment I might as well check it out.  I checked my O2 this morning and it was 90,, not too good.  Not the first time either.
I have a doctor’s apt. Wed, so I guess I’ll keep it.  My back is killing me when I get up, like it was before with the kidney infection. 
Ok,, enough of that.
Wish I’d gotten up and got myself out to some garage sales.  NOT that I want any junk, but,,, love to look.  Bro goes a lot, and told me he saw microwaves all the time, and would pick me up one. I have that small one, but want one with more wattage.
I’m having a problem with my car not wanting to start.  It drags, then starts up like nothing wrong.  I think it needs a starter, (put a new battery on in Oct.) and of course when you have it checked it checks good.  It’s doing it more, soooo,,, maybe next time I try, it’s not gonna start…HATE this.  At least it’s easy to put on.
B just put one on his dotter’s taurus a couple of weeks ago.  Gotta tell you about that!  I stopped by and they were working on it,,, had been for a long time, trying to get ONE bolt out…Like, 1-2 hours, trying different tools, etc.  Well, my son came by, looked at it,, and told em,, that’s the wrong bolt!!!  hahahahaha,,,,I will say this for bro B,,,it was CLOSE to the starter one….lmaoo  And on the bottom…After knowing which one, was no problem…hahahaha,,, still laughing.

Had an appointment to take Jude for his shots,, for 4:30 yesterday,,, and he always shows up about 3-3:30 for a snack…I’ve had the carrier sitting in here for days,,,then he pulls that… lol.  So now,, it will have to be next week.. I think the rabies one has been almost 2 years,, and they do last that long, but with it around, they like to do them every year.  I hate to make an appointment because he’s not an indoor cat, so I won’t be sure he will be around… O well, whatever, will be or not.  Do it someday.  He brings things in,, eating by my back door, and that last thing,, we couldn’t figure out what it was, with just some of the back end and a long tail, one foot.  He was eating on it.  Got enough and left it… My bro came by, looked, and was gonna kick it away, but I told him to leave it cause something always came by during the nite and ate things,, cleaned up.  It was about as big as a large rat, but NOT a rat.  Came from the pastures around me.

We were out at my nephew’s  last Saturday,, standing around his truck, and I told them about seeing on TV Country Reporter,, the 2 women that went out in the  pastures and gathered up cow patties,,,kicking them first to be sure they were dry enough,,put in their trash bags,,took em and laid em out to dry more… broke em up, bagged em, and now have a business of selling it as mosquito repellent. WELL, you guessed it,,they had to try it,, was some in the back of his truck,,didn’t ask why,, After burning it giving off the odor,,lots of smoke,  I finally convinced them to try some “clean” ones,,,lol,,, the first ones had dirt in them,,,Hey,, they just might work,, we sure had a good time trying them….hahahahaha.  Since Easter is always out there,, guess what’s gonna be repelling the mosquitoes… lolol.
Well, I’ve had a few laughs myself, just writing this today so yall tc, and

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feel Really Bad Today

Not sick,, but last nite just about dark, out on a county road, a child was hit by a car,,  I'm hearing this on my scanner.  The rest of the story i just can't repeat,, but the helo was canceled due to the trauma.  No pulse either.  And, i think it was his dad that did it.  He was on a dirt bike, the car going 65.

There hasn't been anything on any news this morning.  I told the man that does our local news, puts on facebook, that i was so glad he didn't put that on there last nite.  He was hearing it too, but was kind enough not to do it.

My dotter is painting her house, and g/dotter helping.  I've been going by, but hate it that i can't help.  I did last time.... Did most of it.  I would go by when she was still at work, and paint.  Re caulked the windows too, and it's still good.  Her son in law did all the rolling, so they are doing the woodwork, and edges.  It's yellow, and a dark blue trim,,LOTS of trim...

I'm not sure i'm gonna do the sleep test.  I got the paper work to fill out yesterday, and from that, not sure i need it or not.  For all of you that don't know this, like me, there is a band you can wear with the nostril thingys on it,,, and not a mask.  I'll try to get a pic of my SILs.

I dreamed last nite that i quit taking 2 of my meds,,, lol,, need to check into that.  One was for the cholesterol, the other not sure.

Well, i'm gonna bring this up and clear the air.  BB made a really mean comment to DD on his blog yesterday, telling him not to comment on it any more.  I told him i wouldn't either.  Then later, he told me it was meant as humor.  Well, i'm sorry, but that kind of "humor" is cruel and hurtful.  I never took it well, in my whole life and sure never did it to others.  I know BB didn't really do it to hurt him too.  So i'm putting it in the past, won't mention it again.  And i'm sorry about my comment too, BB.

Yall tc, and


Friday, March 14, 2014

Can't Say, TGIF any more...

Just doesn't matter what day it is.  I keep seeing things about St Patrick's Day, and have no idea when it is.  Does anybody?

I went to see a PA here yesterday, and i do have some kidney infection.  Got a round of med, and hope it makes me feel better.  My doc is gone for a 2 week vacation, and i say, good for her.  I also asked about taking that sleep apnea home test, and she didn't know how that could be done.  She sent a request for a place that does it, to call me so i can ask them.  I couldn't get hold of my SIL to ask her.  Not gonna call her any more, she won't answer and won't call back either.  I DO NOT have conversations by texting. I went by and their vehicles were there, but not a soul around.

I laughed about the kids,,, nephew posting a pic of a bottle of whiskey and 3 shot glasses,,, i put on there:  ur in CO and DRINKING??? LOLOLOL  They are all over 21.

I woke up around 4 and of course, couldn't go back to sleep cause my leg hurt.  No matter what position i was in, finally gave up and went to my chair and somewhere dozed off a bit.  Got up right after 7.  It's the OTHER leg now... I need a double hip transplant,,,lol.

The weatherman is talking about rain coming thru,,, sometime over the weekend, then showed we might get .01,,, hahahaha.  Typical.  It rains right up to the city limits, and cuts off.

Ok, gonna get on with my day, (HA),, so yall tc, and


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hey, I Remembered

lol,, Yeah, i remembered to start changing clocks yesterday,, first 2, my bedroom one, and the one on the coffee pot.  Now, gonna pretend nothing happened.  I figured out years ago, the best way to get used to it, is just look at that time,,, take it like it is.

My car has been fine,,,i've even started parking it forward into my carport.

My SIL has gotten one of those sleep apnea thingys to sleep in... I'm going this coming week and check into it.  I didn't know there was a home thing to use to check it.  Thot you had to go somewhere and spend a nite with things stuck all over you.  She said hers counted 31? times she did that during one nite, so yep, she qualified for the Machine.  AND, it doens't have that big thing to stick over your nose, just a soft strap with nose pieces.  I checked my O2 when i got up yesterday and it was 90, not good, soooo,, gonna check it out.

Just got a pork stew started,,, have to use pork, can't afford beef.  Gonna make it the same as beef...

I make all this stuff, put the leftovers in the freezer, and don't want to eat them later.  And, i don't want to cook what i have in there, either.  What to do,,, what to do?

My favorite nephew and 7 of his friends, loaded up in his mom's van and headed to CO late yesterday.  Don't know how he talked her into that!  lololol.  She has his car, but,,, it won't back up, so she has to remember to park it to not use reverse.  It still has the deer damage on left front, cause he didn't have comp insurance!  If nothing else, i carry that.  Used it a LOT too.  He's been working this last semester and saving to go back to school the next one.  He sorta has a fiancee too, and she's with em. 

Well, i've become brain dead, so yall tc, and


Friday, March 7, 2014

Here's Another Boring Post

A couple of days ago, my car drug for a few seconds, then started.  I know what that means.  I just had a battery put on in Oct.,,, so i thot it was the starter.  AND, it hasn't done it any more.  But anyway, i called my repair man, and he said bring it on,, this morning, and it all checks out ok.  Now, i'm more sure it's the starter.  And i know it can hit "that" spot again and not start.  He gave me his card if it happens on the week end, and he would come and help me.  Nice person,, huh?  He's trust worthy, and fair on price.

While i sat there and waited on him, for a few minutes, i noticed my sticker was out, so he told me he would have some, coming in about noon, so bring it back later.  I look at my 2 stickers and had been reading that backwards 2 as a 5, and this morning i read the actual writing on it. lol.  While i'm there gonna ask him to check my fluids too, i don't ever do it.  lol

My son turned 49 yesterday, even tho i never caught up with him, i went by his house and left a card.  He called last nite and thanked me, said he'd been out with bro B arrowhead hunting.  They both have a HUGE collection, and B can make one is seconds, using an antler.  Then you can't tell the real from his either.  Not sure if he still whacks on that flint much or not.  Don't think he does.

Gosh, this font is so small writing this i can barely read it.  It won't change here and i don't want it too large when it posts.  Ok never mind, just found out how to enlarge this.  AND, how to find it after google went back to home... Whew.

I am using 3 different browsers, lol.  This is chrome, and will let me use blogger better, like i told someone.   I guess it was this that told us that Internet Explorer wouldn't support blogger, and to use chrome.  Guess that's why pictures won't work good with others.

Then, i use Firefox for my facebook, don't know why, lol translates to,,,don't remember why.

IE is for my games... So there you have it.  Makes no sense but,,, works.

Yall tc, and

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Businesses Not Here Anymore

This first one was a chemical plant, that’s all I know, (remember).  I do remember almost all the teenage boys would work there at times.  It was torn down and fenced off, and to this day, this is it.

This one was the DDT plant, yep,, a block up the street where we all grew up, and just off a creek, between us.  Somewhere along the way, someone decided it was bad stuff,  took it all away, and dug up the ground and loaded it into barrels, then sealed them.  Now you can’t get any good pesticide. 

This was the talc plant, on the bank of the river.  Not sure why it was torn down, don’t think it was bad.  We used it on Halloween to load little brown sacks to throw.  They exploded when they hit,  and that stuff was like flour.


See, I had a healthy childhood,,,,oh, and that talc plant was about 3 blocks from us.  The chemical plant was N across the street from the granite place.

When I woke up this morning about 7, I realized that the wind was that BAD front,  just arriving, so I shut 2 windows I had left open.  Heard someone on the scanner say the temp had dropped 14 degrees instantly.  And by the time I got up 10 minutes later, turned heat on!  Yall will see….

I’ll try to do better with pics, but,,, no promises,,,lol.

Yall tc, and

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Granite Company








I was the bookkeeper here for about 7 years.  It didn’t sell slabs like these pictures are showing, just sold things for cemeteries.  It was in business since the early 1900s, until the man that owned it, had to retire because of illness, and his son took over as manager.  Lasted 5 years.  Thot he knew everything, and didn’t listen to good advice,, (like mine,,lololol).  He tried selling huge blocks to Japan, and didn’t let his quarry foreman cut them right, so when they got to Japan, they dumped them in the ocean.  Huge loss to the company, and it did it in.  I learned just about everything about granite, and how to do it all.  Had to, out of sheer boredom, bk wasn’t but a 30 minute job a day, lol.  O well, that’s when I got into Home Health Care, and LOVED it.

After a few years, the company above bought it, and now seem to do a thriving business. 

Sorry about the pictures, I’m getting worse.  Anyway, supper time, so yall tc, and