Friday, December 26, 2014


DD reminded me of my son, when he was in high school, came home from school for the holidays, sick. Really sick. High fever, stayed in bed til Xmas day, had to get up and go out to skate on his new skates with the others, you know. Put him back down, I even took him to the ER, and was told he had the same thing everybody else did, but the doc didn't realize how bad he was. He needed to have been admitted. He lost a lot of weight, looked grayish for a long time, til i took him back in March. He was told to stay home, do nothing, take double vitamins, don't remember what else. But he finally got well doing that.

I made that jello salad and that's all i did. Just wasn't much able this year. Were LOTS of people there, good thing they have a big house, big breezeway, and big patio. And it was warm enough for the little ones to go out. lol The smallest took her shirt off, already barefooted, and went out. About dark time the trampoline just flat broke thru the middle....Not a new one, was from last year. But there were riding toys, lots of other stuff.

We actually had enough food to make it thru supper too. 3 turkeys, 2 hams, all kinds of sides. I put a plate in a microwave for later, and later, it was gone! Had to get a little more for it.

My nephew is coming over today to get my new printer working. I know he'll sleep all morning,,, lol. He's the tech guy who gets stuck with helping all of us.

Gonna get some laundry going, yall tc, and