Friday, November 11, 2011

What A Great Day


My son brought these by late yesterday.  I think he dyed em himself, I know he does that.


Yesterday was my BD,,,yeah, made it another decade.  My bro G came by and stayed for a couple of hours, which we both have always enjoyed.  Always something to talk about.  His BD was the 6th.  2 years younger than me.   My sis N called, and her dotter’s bd is today,,,isn’t that wonderful!!! 11-11-11!!!!  She’s 18.  Then later, my dotter, and g/dotter showed up.  OOOO,,,G/dotter brought me all this mexican food!! I will have eats all day today. lololol.  My dotter finally asked,,where are the flowers?,, I told her they were in there on the table, J had brought them by earlier.  She said noooo,,,the ones I ordered yesterday to deliver today… OOOPS,,,Somebody screwed up big time!!! She was ,,,uhhh,,,a little upset….or more….

OOOO Just went to the $ Store, got my niece a little something.  THEN, I cleaned out the water container outside!  OOOO,,,Still huffing and puffing,,have to scrub with a brush and soap to get rid of that green stuff.  Maybe now in the winter it won’t be there.  I tried to take some pics of my sparkling windows, but,,,just can’t get em to look the way I see them.  Everybody that has seen them, is gonna get some of that stuff.   They look like I hand washed them. Inside and out.  Was thinking of going to Walmart today, but after not sleeping much last nite, forget that.

X Factor turned out good.  Eliminated one I never voted for.  Again.  I recorded it, so I had it to watch later.

Just so yall know, YES,,,I know it’s Veterans  Day.  My bro was in Viet Nam, Da Nang,,way back there.  The one I was talking about, G.  Was a horrible time, for him,,and us,,Was nothing like the relief when he came home.  He was there when they were using agent orange.  He gets a little bit for his loss of hearing, but nothing for his eyes.  He has macular degeneration, and maybe was nothing to do with the agent orange. 

Gonna be a beautiful weekend.  Maybe get my Walmart trip over with tomorrow.  lolololo,,,Or,,maybe not. 

Ok,,time for that mexican food,,,got it warmed up.  Sooo,,,