Thursday, March 10, 2011

changing my font

geezzzzzz,,,,ok maybe I've gotten the font changed.  not really sure.  Know I've spent enough time on it already, so this is HOW IT IS!
After reading DD's blog today, guess i might as well tell of  the first time something scared the $^%$&#@$ outta me. There were 4 of us out messing around one night, and went out to an old deserted one room school house, with a grave yard nearby.  The boy driving, did go around the circle and head the car out before he cut it off.  We were sitting there telling all these stories about the place, scaring the girl with him, to death, and laughing like crazy.  I even got out and walked around the ol school building just to prove how brave I was.  She kept saying,,,What's that???,,,and we just cracked up laughing,,,til the last time!  We glanced back and just behind us, THERE WAS THIS HUGE THING STANDING UPRIGHT,,,WALKING RIGHT UP TO THE CAR!!! No one said a word,,,, the car actually started, and he took off so fast, hit a fence post, and a rock, knocked the muffler loose, and WE GOT OUTA THERE!!!  Drove all the way back to town dragging that tail pipe and muffler, cause no one would get out and fix it.  Picked up another boy, gun, flood lite, and went back out there.  NOT ONE THING THERE.  After telling this story around,,people started going out there, but no one ever saw the Big Foot again.  As for me, never went back at nite. lol O,,,btw,,we were NOT drinking!
Ok ,,,done my story, next please.