Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hate Google!

Did you know you can't get rid of,,, nor Gmail?  I've spent hours and days trying to do this,,,, NO WAY... I took googlechrome off today, had to put it back for some of the things i use.  Like, blogger,, coundn't even do a post without it.  I even spent a couple of hours on the phone with Verizon,,, and it didn't help at all.  Even they can't seem to do it.  I keep getting a pop up message saying my Verizon account is almost full, need to add an extra account,, HA, can't do it.  AND,,, WTH happened to OutlookExpress?  Who knows,, it's just gone.

I have watched that darn cat video so many times,,, and LMAO every time!!  I know you've seen it,,, it's been everywhere... My Mom had a cat just like it,,, she could just see a dog, dogs, going down the street, minding their own business, and here she went,,,catching those poor dogs by surprise, making them yelp and run... no matter what size.  And o Lord, help those that dared come into the yard.... hahahaha.  Go to this on Youtube,,, if you are the only one that hasn't seen it,,, hahahahaha.
Heroic Cat Saves Kid from A Vicious Dog Attack!.

O yeah, we got 3" of rain,, total.   Was fantastic!  Bring it back!

My doc is leaving!!  Horrible!  I went yesterday for a final visit,, good thing, today is her last day.  Since my calcium was up higher on the 2nd test, she had a parathyroid done.  I had a bad charlie horse in my calf days ago, and it's still not quite gone.  She also froze off a little, kinda scaly spot on my face, thinks it's ok.  She recommended another female doc... too.

Just saw that cat vid again!! hahahaha,, the news channels love it too.

My first X, with the car lot, said he needed some curtains, and the next day i remembered i had some like he needed.  Wide narrow windows.  So i dug them out, still had em from my last house,,,lol.  Took them to him and also told him i would cut off and re-hem new ones, if these didn't work.  He checked my car ac, said it was low, and some time he'll put in some freon.  Now, isn't that worth the exchange?  lol.

This one news channel has shown that cat vid,,, 3 times now,, in just the one hour.... hahahahah,,

Gosh, the Voice, and Idol,, both ending next week.  Hope there's something coming on in their place,  i know So You Think You Can Dance will be.  I've always loved music, and dancing.

Yall tc, and