Saturday, July 28, 2012

Huge Drug Bust

Yep,, huge drug bust in Austin,, of, hold your breath,,,BATH SALTS!   Who is crazy enough to do this?  Says similar to the others in symptoms.  Now i can't go buy bath salts,,without looking like an addict...hahahaha

DD is talking about singing,,lol,,i never could carry a tune, but,, my mother made me take piano lessons when i was a kid,,(girlie thing).  My teacher was a blind woman, and her sheet music was in brail.. Pretty cool,,huh?  Well, i went twice a week for a couple of years, and she finally told me there was nothing else she could teach me.  I had to have the sheet music, no talent by ear, but she taught me chords,, so it sounded like i played by ear.  She lived like 1/2 block from us.  Later, when i was around 19, i started playing for church.  I could pound it out,,,boogie woogie style,,lol.  I guess when i had J, was when i quit it.  Now, i've forgotten it all, been so long.  Not even sure i could play chop sticks.  I've always loved music, and dancing.

My 1st hubby had NONE in him, so we never danced,,and that was for 26 years!  After we split, i started going to a club with sis N,,dotter L, and one of their friends.   There were a couple i didn't know how to do, soooo,,,here's this 10 year old niece,,SS,, taught me how to do the Cotton Eyed Joe, and the Chautice?,,, Her dad had a band and she knew em.

One time, for a New Year's Eve party,,,she gave me a blinking head band,,hahahaha...I put it on at midnight...

So much for getting out a little early to go to the store.  I'm gone,,so yall tc, and