Monday, October 24, 2011

Torture Day

Well, here it is, Monday morning, again.  When i got up, my blood sugar was kinda low, 56, so i had to eat a little bit of a sweet, yukkkk., First thing, not good. lol.  But now it's up to 100, so, oatmeal on my list in a bit.  I got to drop one of my meds for diabetes, and wish i could drop the other.  Maybe in my future. lol.  I also got to drop 1/2 of one of my BP meds.  wow, getting there!  Sometimes, i just want to throw em all away, see what happens. 

Got a 1 pm apt for a mamogram, which i'm sure not looking forward to.  I do preventive as much as i can, and always have.  If a yearly checkup does any good, i'm all for it.  Been doing them seems like forever.  Not just that, but everything elso too.  Just called and set my eye exam for next Tues.  Gonna get em all done.  My eyes haven't changed at all, in 3 years now.  And i don't think they have now, either.  I had cataracts removed on both, several years ago, but doing fine.

I'm  having to do laundry more now, because i'm wearing heavier clothes.  So got that going today.  

As you can see, nothing to write about. lol.    Bro B told me my pond, with the rain water, was full of mosquito larvae, so gonna put a little oil in it.  Can't have that.  I hadn't even thot about it.  That was why i kept gold fish in it, til it dried up during the summer.  What fish were left, maybe 2, had died, so i had it all cleaned out.  I'm just not able to take care of it any more.  My pump had quit working the summer before last, too.  Goldfish didn't care, lol.

Well, it's about time for me to make a move.  get dressed, ready to go for the torture.  Yall feeling sorry for me yet?   hahahaha,,,