Sunday, May 15, 2011


Welllll, i survived the pre prom. Took hours for those 2 girls to get ready, lmaoo. Good thing i went out there, cause i also spent hours on 1 of them, while N did the other. Curling hair with just a curling iron is nuts!!,,I asked if she had hot rollers, r something but,,,curling irons it was. When i got out there they had just started, n the 1 i did, had tried to do her own, BUT,,,messed it up by putting the mousse on AFTER using the iron. SOO,,,redo,,,all of it. N got thru before i did. o,,by the way, i got out there about 3;15, prom started at 8. So, u c what i mean?,,taking hours to get ready?,,,lololol We got thru with the hair about 5;30,,THEN,,came the make up,,which they did their own. OOOO yeah!!! Here i spent hours doing Ks hair,,n she had a t-shirt on!!!,,had to come off over all that!!! Guess i had sprayed it good, cause it made it thru that ok. They finally got to the dressing part, but then here comes the picture taking episodes. lolololol,,,Here they were outside, with flops on. hahahaha,,,couldnt wear those heels in the dirt. U can bet i got THAT,,on my flip cam. hahahahaha,,,Then all the yelling later, about "I cant drive!!!" cause she couldnt get in with that huge skirt. hahahaha,,,this was all hilarious, n i got it ALL. K said,,"surely ur not filming this",,I said,,o yeah. Was the best part!!! Making them some cds lol. Remember me talking about my dotter's theme i helped with?,,the jungle one?,,Well, this 1 was ,,,get this,,,black n white!! U saying, huh,,,like i did?,,,black n white?,,,whatcha mean? I am totally out of touch.

After those 2 finally left, we sat on the porch, watching the birds. There r 2 pair of painted buntings. I didnt know the female was all green. We had a bird book, looking them up. N had seen 2 all yellow ones 2, but we didnt find them in the book. Then theres all the others, cardinals, tit mice,,sparrows, etc. C opened the gate of the chicken pen, n they came out, but kinda hung around it. One Feather n 4 of his hens had never been out of a pen. They ventured off a little ways, but would go back at anything different, like the 2 big dogs running around, which just ignores them. They didnt pay any attention at all, to Sassy, the little tiny one. Shes the 1 that sings the taco bell song. I put her on utube.
Its so amazing to me, that those tiny little dogs think they r so big. Size has no meaning to them. Even the chickens ignore her, lmaooo.

Think i might get dressed, almost 2 pm,,but ive been busy ,,lol.