Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working Moms

Just read DDs blog, and had to put my 2cents in. 

I think I've told everyone that we married, at a really young age, me, 16, hubby, 17.  And I went back to school in the fall for my senior year,,,graduated 5 months pregnant.  (Lots of couples at the time were doing this.)  Can't imagine it now.

About a year after my dotter was born, I was offered a job in the school superintendent's office and turned it down.  (My Mom thot that was horrible!!)  But, I wanted to stay home with my kids.  Just one at the time, but,,,lol, more came along.  In fact, 3 sons.  When my youngest started school I started looking for a job, but here in this small town not much to offer.  I started doing volunteer work at the library and,,,got offered another job.  lol... By a new CPA and his wife.  He's the one that taught me the bookkeeping I used for a lot of years.  It was part time, and worked really well.

It wasn't so bad for me, because Mom or Dad kept the kids if I needed it, and I did the same for her....Yeah, the last 2 of ours were just months apart.  The kids sure didn't  The first time that happened, the 2 were, and still are, the best of friends.  But,,,let me tell you, the last 2 hated each other from the git-go.  4 months apart.  They could just look at each other and start screaming,  my sis would start it, but then my son would join in.

Had to keep her when she was 6 months old,,,for a week when Mom had thyroid surgery.  Son was 2 months.  OMG... Don't know how anybody handles twins. 

All in all tho, it was a lot of fun with the kids like that.  No one knew whose were whose either.  There was also a sister a couple of years older than these 4.

I kinda think mine wanted me to work, so they could stay at Granma's.....

One of my brothers, 4 years younger than me,,,got into drugs when he had joined the Navy, so all these younger ones grew up seeing first hand what they did to people, and never touched them.  He ended up being burned to death in his late 40s,,,over that. 

Why are Sundays such long days?  Doesn't make sense, not any different than any other, now.

Well, yall tc, and


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Did Add on Yesterday

Just in case you missed it, I added on to my post yesterday, had to after reading about DDs dogs.

Might be starting some therapy for my hip, talked to him yesterday, and he can change it for the hip, not the spine.  He's supposed to call today.  I think I need it because of the way I had to get around for a couple of months. 

I slept good last night, don't know what happened the night before.

Anyway, thx DD, for the good memories.

Yall tc, and


Monday, July 22, 2013

Think I Feel Like BB

No sleep all night, could not get comfortable any way I tried,  feet blazing with the neuropathy, leg telling me I still have the bad hip,,,just a horrible night.  Tried to nap this morning, and nope,  same thing.

My mower man got the yard all done, and probably won't need it again for weeks, since it's gonna be so hot.

I felt real good about how well I was doing yesterday, so I might have overdone it.  Went to Alco and the grocery store, using the electric carts.  Have to do that right now.  Barely can make it from my car to them.... But I know I need to exercise as much as possible.

I watched a movie last night,,,news, huh,,, about climbing a hill and coming down a mountain,,,lol,,, had to see it to know what that meant.  Set during WW1.  Not too bad.

Well, too darned tired to think, so yall tc, and


Later,,after reading DDs blog....

Not too many years ago, when I was still breeding and selling purebred Siamese, my female had 6 kittens.  I was in my bedroom, reading, and she came in and sat down by my closet door.  In a few minutes, she looked at that door, didn't latch, then started calling her babies.  They all came running and then she proceeded to show them how to reach under that door and pull it open.  That was planning.

Watched a show on tv about that same time, had a cat shrink telling you how to keep them from scratching on the furniture... Said blow up little balloons, pin them to the arms, etc, and when they popped, it would scare the cats so bad, they wouldn't do that any more,,,HA!!!  I went to the store, got the balloons, pinned them all over a chair and sofa, then stood back, because they had been watching to see wth I was doing.  My male walked over to one, reached up and of course, popped it.  I could see his brain thinking,,hmmmm ,,, how about that... let's try that again!  Which he did.  Then the female got in on it too.  Didn't take them long to figure out to reach under there carefully, pull the balloon, pin and all, off, then box it around the room, no claws... O what fun!!!  I had busted balloons with pins everywhere.  Didn't know how to tell that smart guy he just never had Siamese!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm Still Here

My g/dotter drove me to F'burg yesterday, I got the injection and,,, I THINK IT'S GONNA WORK!
They deadened the whole path from the skin down, but at times I did feel the effects of the med going in.  AND, it was the places that have been hurting.  Just took a few minutes after the prep, then they stand the table up and I walk off it,,,lol.  They said it would take about 72 hours, but it's already better.  Now,,,if my shoulder was fixed,,,hahahahaha.  The way I had to lay, on my back, made my shoulder with the bursitis really hurt.  (they went in from the front groin area!). 

We made a stop at HEB after we left the hospital, and I used an electric cart, took my time and browsed for quite a while.  Got lots of great stuff to eat.  One,,,jerked pork, already cooked.  Got the slaw too, just forgot the buns....hahahahaha.  Some lemon pepper leg quarters to cook with my convection oven.  Some stuffed pork chops,,,making anybody hungry yet?  I haven't been able to shop in months, at a good place, so I stocked up.  These were all things I can just stick in the oven or already cooked.  A small bag of potatoes, i'm good to go.  Chunk some up, oil and season em, bake em,,,yummmm.  Boil with an onion, another yummmm. 

Can't keep that up, making me hungry and I just ate.

My g/dotter asked me how I could eat all that junk,,,lol.  O,,, yeah,, I had just put 1/2 doz donuts in the buggy.... Sometimes you HAVE to fulfill that craving.  Yep, had one yesterday.

That's the update,, yall tc, and


Monday, July 15, 2013

High of 73* Today???

Yep, that's what it is right now, almost 4 pm.  And, we've had almost 3" of rain, and maybe more coming.  This might beat the one I remember on the last week end before school started, a front making it really chilly.  WOW, it's JULY!! folks,,,

Right after lunch I got a call, saying the man that put the gate up across the street, cutting off access to the river, was found dead in a house in Austin Sunday morning.  She thot they owned the house too, and he had to have been alone.  He was a huge man, alcoholic, and red in the face all the time, never looked healthy.  But what makes me so sad, that's the last of the kids this lady had,,, having lost the other 2 before.  Played bridge with her in the past, and even tho she's in her 80s, she is still sharp and energetic.  Still does volunteer work at the library I think.

I'm gonna try to go clean the floor board out where my son's shoes left all the stickers last Friday.  If I can find HIM,,, HE will do it!  Hate those things.  They showed up here a few years ago, now they are everywhere, grow close to the ground, look like clover burrs, but NOT.  They turn into zillions of v shaped stickers and will fill up most shoe's soles.  Your carpets will get full of them.

Nothing on tv, again.... but I did find 2 movies to record today.  Was running out of those too. 

Well, that's it,,,so yall tc, an


Friday, July 12, 2013

Hot Enough?

I guess it's not so bad, having to stay in, not being able to go anywhere with the dog days here.

I made it to F'burg this morning, and going back Tues for a steroid injection into my hip.  They were overloaded and couldn't do it today, had to make the appointment.  The doc thinks it's my hip, and told me if the shot doesn't work, I will HAVE to have that MRI.  So yall cross everything, need that shot to work.

My nurse came by and got me signed up for the therapy and then he came by yesterday.  But he was really late, 5:30, and I had this doc appointment today, that I asked him to wait til we knew more, and he agreed.  I called when I got back and now waiting on him to call me. 

So, that's it,,,nothing done yet, still hurting, having to take those pain pills, and don't know what it will take to get past this.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Phones out for Days

Wow, our phone service went out on Tuesday nite, and just got back yesterday about 1 PM.  It's Verizon here, and a tech called this morning asking if my number was correct, so they're matching numbers with correct names now.... He said it was some kind of software crash, and they were STILL working on it, had been since Tuesday nite, 24 hours a day.  I also asked if there was going to be some kind of compensation, and he said call in about that.  I used all my cell phone minutes, even having to call 800 numbers, and had to buy more.  All this side of town, N of the river, were out.  THANK GOD, my internet stayed on.  Takes 2 wires for phone, just 1 for internet,,,,in connection... was told that before.  It's kinda horrifying how much we are dependent on these things now. 

I'm no better nor worse,,, just getting by until I know what's gonna be done, and not even sure the doc will be able to tell me that on Friday.  I DO have high hopes of maybe getting a shot in there to help, but he might have to wait and see an MRI report.  The other doc, did fix my wrist with the injections, and there is no pain there now.  He just doesn't do spines.  As far as the therapy, between the phones out (doc's offices here) and my doc not in the office until Wednesdays, a holiday, last week was a lost cause.

Our forecast has a chance of rain, 30%, tomorrow.  I'm keeping my hopes up.  Not able to get out and water anything.  Don't care about the weeds, but my trees are precious,,,have to have all the shade I can.  In case you don't know, it's Texas.  That means the weather makes liars out of forecasters,,,lol.

Think i'm gonna doze for a while,,,lol, nothing else to do.  Did get a load of laundry mostly done,,gonna put in the dryer now.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nothing New

Nothing has happened since last Friday.  Thot I could call my doc here this morning, and the phones are out,,,was told they would be fixed by TOMORROW! 11 AM.  Even 911 service is out.  All this part of town and I don't know how much more.  So my cell isn't helping in this situation.  The doc's offices are out too.  I check every once in a while, see if maybe it's back. 

I figured out a way to help me sleep.  That's by bending my knees and laying on either side.  Somehow that relieves the pinched spot in my spine.  Gonna try not to take that pain pill today.  Might have to just sit all day tho.  I was so hoping I could get that therapist here today.

I've looked all this up on the internet, but don't want to do something wrong. 

My son went to the library yesterday and picked me up 2 books, and took my utility bill to pay.  My sis came and cleaned my house and changed my bedding.  She's the clean freak, lol.  Washes her walls all the time!  She said she had had a mouse get into her pantry, and had to throw out all that food stuff.  Ended up trapping 3!  Hope she got em all.  She even cleaned my ceiling fan and omg, it needed it. 

Ok, gonna try to cut my hair and shower,,,so yall tc, and