Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving around here

I wasn't able to go, but my brother took me up to the gate so i didn't have very far to walk. I was really hurting so even that distance was hard for me, but i slowly made it. I stayed down as much as possible, but there was just a certain amount i had to do, like go around the 2 tables loaded and fill my plate, just a bite of this and that,,,go to the bathroom a few times, almost killing me to get up from the low toilet. I came home and took a nap later, then went back. Couldn't get up by the gate, but got as close as i could, and there was a big crowd in the garage already playing poker....Later went in the house and got a plate to take home. By 5 or so i was hurting bad enough i had to come home.

Couldn't do anything about the pain for the rest of the day and night..HORRIBLE...
Stayed down most of the day Friday because of the pain, and today it's a little better. Gosh, that injection sure didn't last long.

That was my Thanksgiving. Hope everybody's was a lot better!

Yall tc, and


Sunday, November 20, 2016

OK for Surgery,,, yeaaaa

Got the approval for my hip replacement, have an appointment on 12-7 to discuss it and set the date.... Gosh, am i ready! I did get an injection, steroid, last Tuesday and from the first deadening shot, i got huge pain relief. I could feel it going thru the whole area, so when the feelings came back, my pain level was like a 1 or 2.... WOW. I even took off once from the bathroom without a walker to answer my phone, without realizing it....Now i know what a new hip will do... lol.

Not sure i'm going to my brother's house for TG dinner,,, 1/2 block from me, lol. His driveway is long and narrow, don't know why he built it that way, but with all the family, it is so inconvenient to get to his house. THEN, here you are carrying food! I know i would be able to park as close as is possible but just not sure i want to handle it. You get out of your vehicle, have to go thru a chain link gate, and still go down a sidewalk, up steps to the door. Horrible set up. Having someone bring me a plate is just lots more appealing. Did it last year.

Their g/dotter has just been transferred to an acute care enter in Round Rock, a few days ago. And is having to deal with what happened, and how much time, 3 months, has been lost to her. She's the one that was burned throwing the gas on hot embers. They kept her sedated all that time because of her movements when she wasn't,, letting the grafts heal.

We just had our first freeze. Seems like it's so late, but i think normal is 11-12,,,what i saw on the weather.

Ok, no more to say, so yall tc, and


Sunday, November 6, 2016

O Mercy,, It's Been a Long Time

SS, Lots going on. Mainly appointments with docs. Trying to get approval for hip replacement, just got a stress test done, but,,,, he wants me to do an electrocardiogram now. "He" is a pa, not the main one. There was something he wanted to check further. Ok with me as long as i can do the hip..

Now, this stress test was NOT like the one i had before that i'd never do again. I got to sit on a high stool thing, with a padded arm in front of me that i folded my arms on it and put my head on them for about 15 minutes... hey i did it! Twice,,, lol. The only part i really hated was when they put something into my veins and made me feel like i was running on a tread mill, had to really breathe hard. It increased for 2 minutes, then went slowly off for a minute, 3 total. Now, that was hard. My blood pressure went wayyyyyy up once, like, 218/118. They really stressed me out lol.

Just seeing that we are under a weather alert... been pouring for a bit. Heard a deputy say a couple of streets had about 4" of water on them.

Made myself some oatmeal for lunch, needed something warm. I had finally turned on a little heat in here,..... We still haven't had a frost!

My g/daughter brought Little Man over yesterday and i just sat and watched him for hours...He was 1 on 9/11, and will keep you entertained forever. One time he was just running back and forth, and when he went by me he squinched his eyes shut and never slowed down! He doesn't know he needs to watch what he's doing, hahahaha., talk about learn the hard way. Then when she put him in the hi-chair and put spaghetti  on it, he would pick one up and sling it out,,,he had fun with that for a bit before he started eating it...His hair is so red it glows,,, lol.

I'll try not to wait so long in the future,,,didn't know i could even write this much today,,,yall tc, and