Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mind's a Blank

Dum de dum,,,,Hello everybody, how r u today?  Today's just a replica of yesterday, and the day before.  Well,,,not quite.  After hearing about BB's ticket in Van Horn, i finally did find an email to use for the paper there, and yeah, i did send one telling them my thots on the matter.  I've been wondering if there was a sign there, saying no overnighters.  To me, it would have to apply to truckers too. 

I haven't had enough sleep for at least 2 nites, now.  Darn book.  lololol,,,Can't put down.  Maybe i need 2 kinds, boring, and exciting. 

Keep finding old stuff around to eat, chips, animal crackers, leftovers.  Can't replace that kind of stuff, either.  Not with this lap band, and gonna get tightened.  Not sure the geese out at the park will even eat some of this. loololol

Way behind today, cya tomorrow.

HAGD, what's left.