Friday, September 28, 2012

Nothing New

Nothing going on, maybe rain later, well, fairly sure.  Some spots might get 8",,,wooohooo. 

J caught a terrapin a couple of days ago, and it's in this big plastic thing out on the patio, makes a LOT of noise,,,bumping around.  His gf gonna take it to school in an aquarium for the kids.  It's eating a lot of these big black beetles that have been invading my house.    They are everywhere, not just here at my house.

Got up about 7 and now i'm sleepy.  Didn't get my nap.

I had to update my AVG today, and it didn't just do that, it put the whole thing on again.  Took a while.  Then i ran a scan, all was fine.   My x has a trojan on his, and no idea how it got there.  Even the best man in town can't fix it.  I had this and that in the past, and i know i went for years without anything,,,never a problem.  I had something on it before that, and it was always telling me how many things it was taking care of,,you know how they do.  Someone told me they didn't use anything, so i took that one off.  About 6 months later,,,, i ran a scan,,and guess what,,,there was ZERO on there!!  So that's when i didn't use one for years.  I actually don't know why i put one back on.  This one is fine, but i will NOT buy  any more to use.  Norton, you can't get rid of,,,whatever other one i used,,kept charging me when they shouldn't.  So AVG is as far as i'm going.!!!,,,lol.

Js burn is gone today.  The only thing on all those tests was his blood pressure was hi, (in a lot of pain at the time) and his sodium was low.  Both easy fixes.  His bp is super low for his natural readings.  The doc put him on a mild med, and for the sodium told him to cut down on water.  The results were faxed to San Antonio yesterday, so now, it's that wait time again. 

Well, out of input,,so yall tc, and