Thursday, February 9, 2012


I posted links to 2 storys yesterday, and there was not even one comment. The one about the mountain lion grabbing and dragging off the 6 year old boy when they were leaving the Chisos Mts Lodge in Big Bend Nat'l Park,, was so horrifying to me,, i thot there would be others that thot so too. His mom was even holding his hand when the lion attacked. I don't think anybody has ever heard of something like this. If you didn't look it up, it's there in yesterday's post.

O well, i'm guilty about not hitting links in posts too, sometimes do, sometimes don't.

Gosh, seeing this message below saying ,,could not contact, saving and publishing may fail,,,retrying,, hmmmm,,,what's going on now?

Got a kick out of DDs post today. This comes up AFTER i've thrown away all that OLD stuff,,,hahahahaha,,, Guess i'm just not a prepper. lol. Wonder if those preppers have looked at the expiration dates? I have no idea what kind of stuff would keep forever. Do yall?

I'm uploading that other coral snake thing to Youtube today,,and it takes forever! I'm gonna put a warning on it about handling one. OMG,,, still makes me have chills to think about him doing that. No anti venom in US any more for them. The reason i'm doing it is because it shows it shedding and then burying itself for hibernation. He didn't think that's ever been seen before, so that's why. Wish i could have deleted the handling.

If this is the new blogger, then i do NOT like it. When i do preview, it won't go back to this. I have to go thru dashboard, then edit. Guess i won't do preview any more til i'm ready to publish.

I really need to get up and move, do a few things,,,so,,yall tc, and