Sunday, January 1, 2012

Got My Blackeyed Peas Ready

And, here it is, the beginning of another year,,,Where did last year go? 

Had to lmao, reading Ol Jules today.  It's always good to start a day with a good laugh, and he gives it to ya today.

I remember how we fussed at DD, going away for days and not letting us know, and how worried i got, and now, here's rvsue doing the same.  She is back today.  Her telling about her tank cover, made me remember an incident, way back when my dotter was in high school.  I took her, and one of her friends, to Austin for school shopping.  On the way, she realized she had lost her leather bracelet that had her name on it.  They looked in the car, and when we stopped at the mall, they did a thorough search, no bracelet.  Now, how is this possible?  We hadn't stopped anywhere, but, the thing is GONE.  We go on, shopping the rest of the day,,,and they talked me into buying her a top, like, for $25.00, crocheted with fringe on the sleeves and the bottom.    A see-thru thing at that!,,Had to wear it over something else.  This was in the 70s, yall.  But, $25.00????  That was half the budget, hahahahaha. back then.  (She still has that thing lol)  Well, any way, after a long day, we head home.  All is quiet, even they are.  Til i SLAM on the brakes, and yell, OMG, YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE THIS!!!  Half way back, out in the middle of nowhere, there is that bracelet!!, Laying on the yellow stripes.  Well, i think it is, and turn around and go back.  Sure enough, it is.  Been run over all day long, slung here and there, but,,,there it is!!.  She remembered cracking her window and throwing out a gum wrapper, right about there on the way TO Austin.  It went with the wrapper somehow.  But to be there a full day down the line, unreal.

Got my can of blackeyed peas out, some ham steak thawing, and potato salad, all ready for today.  Starting my new year right, by golly.  Not that i'm superstitious or anything,,lol. But, take it as is.

Gosh, got so much to pay this month, that even with this HUGE raise i got, gonna have to be penny pinching.  lololol.  Like i'm not,,,hahahaha,,,Besides house insurance, taxes, car inspection, then yesterday, i got the bill for my paper, which i pay for 6 months.    Maybe i should double up on those blackeyed peas or something.,,,lol.

Hey yall, i'll share,,just come on,, otherwise,