Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seems Like Tuesday to Me


Everything has turned YELLOW!  Well, patches of red too.  Nearly got run over, so I thot I’d better quit on the pics….twice.  This county sure gave week end travelers a treat.  I would swear this is later than normal. 

I got up today knowing it was Tuesday,,,now explain that.  Holidays always mess me up.  One time when I was awake I felt something crawling across my back, and did I ever come up and turn a lite on!  Nothing.  Maybe it flew away.  I have a fly buzzing around right now that’s fixing to get a swatting!  One time when J was about 2,,I swatted a fly and he told me,,don’t spank that fly, that’s my fly.   lol.  And when they were about 3,,,N and J, they both ran into the bathroom, (4 months apart) and I heard him say,,"I’m a boy and you’re a girl, know why?”  Boy,,I had to hear this!!  “ I have to stand up to tt, and you have to sit down”  He called yesterday from Galveston, they were going to some museum.  Will be back tomorrow.  I’ve been so concerned about his back, and yes, it has given him problems, but he said it’s worth it.

Waffle time,,so yall tc, and