Saturday, June 4, 2011

Parade Day

Here it is, 1/4 til 10, and just heard on scanner about the parade. lolol,,guess i really didn't want to get out and go. Too late now. Did try to call my son, c if he was putting in any of his cars. No answer. Well, got out and went to check, and no, none of his cars. In case anyone doesn't know, he and his dad have lots of rebuilt GTOs. and one has won top of the show, lots of times. Another, won lots of drags, well, 2, actually. Way back in hi school, he had a trans am, he and his dad had repaired, and he sold that to buy his first GTO, a 64. This was when he was 17. That started it. The yellow 72 might be my fav, (the drag one) but then there's the yellowbird. That's a trans am, called yellowbird. OMG,,,what a car. They have enough to have their own car shows,. lololol. Way back, right after he started driving his 64, night before deer season, a hunter saw him putting gas in it. Made a squealing stop, came back, and kept making him offers to buy it. He kept telling the man NOOO. Man wouldn't take that for an answer, kept going up, and finally my son just got in and drove off. It's been sitting up on blocks for years, now.

I've never been interested in rodeos, and back when i did go, was just for the bull riding. That was when we went and took the kids. Never was the cowboy type, gimme a motorcycle. When i was single, wouldn't even dance with a man in a hat. Had a young one stop at my table one time, and kept telling me he was George Strait's little bro. Told him, i hate GS, and he just kept on, like that would impress me. lmao.. had the opposite effect. We always had motorcycles, not horses!! hahahahaha. and race cars.

This is for DD. DD, i read ur blog every day, and always enjoy it. I don't know what happened either, since i could post on it a couple of weeks ago, and now i can't. But even more strange, i can on the others that use google act. Would u try not having to go thru the word check?,,,just out of curiosity. C if i can, going straight on. Just a thot. Bob from Athens has the same problem. I can't post here on mine, using google. But i have a choice of name/url that will let me. All u have to enter is name. then continue. Now, the question is,,,,is it google or blogger???? hahahahaha,,,ok,,,,do ur wondering.