Monday, August 10, 2015

Im Still Around

Still the same ol, same ol. But gonna try to do a new post on here.

Been staying in, mostly. Its a wonder i dont have cabin fever haha. Have lots to occupy time after i do my thing on the laptop. And one of them is a nap,,, and its about that time....

I check into facebook several times a day. See what everybody is up to. About the only way i can keep in touch now. Nobody uses the phone any more, to stay in touch.

My great, OMG, granbaby is due on the 21st, a boy. Didn't think this would ever happen. Bet he's gonna be one of those red-headed, blue eyed kids. A friend has a grandchild that is soooo beautiful. Most unusual coloring, really rare. But this one could be like that too.

The shower was sooo fun. It was called a tie-dye baby shower, and you took something white or light, to tie-dye. Some beautiful creations. First time ive ever done it, but was told it was one of the best.

My dryer quit on me about a week or so ago, and i found one at a garage sale last Friday, bought it, got it delivered and hooked up, and NOTHING!!! Well, it ran, but no heat. I was told by them that it had been working prior to the sale, so i think something came loose. Maybe my bro will look at it. I know the ones having the sale, and i believe them. It was moved twice,, once there, then here.

Im still recording movies and some other stuff. Sometimes when i see the movie i dont watch it, just delete and go to another one. Had 2 to do, today. So about 5 nites a week when theres nothing on TV, thats what i do. I like a lot of the shows about Alaska too.

Cleaned my AC filters today. Let it go about 10 days. Like to do them once a month. By doing it on the first, i can remember, haha.

My doc talked me into doing some overdue tests, but i called and canceled the bone density one today, would take almost an hour, and since im still having bad pain in the hip, leg, just not gonna do that now. Will later. Did one about 12 years ago, and was great. Got a pneumonia vaccination, just on time. Theres 2 to do now. Got one,,, guess im good.

Just because im not doing a blog every day, doesnt mean im not reading them. Do that every day. Its just nothing new to write about, YET. haha. Ill get there.

Yall tc, and