Wednesday, October 21, 2015



My company left Sat. morning, and i collapsed. Today finally, i feel a little better. I was up every few minutes during the nights, having to go to the bathroom. I called the pharmacist yesterday and he suggested i use Oxytron patches. These are prescription strength and you wear one for 4 days before you change them. OMG.... They WORK! In just a few minutes after putting one on, it started working. So last nite i slept and was just up a couple of times.

My g/dotter and baby and bf, went to Utah to visit his mom. Then they are going to Northern CA to see his dad.  They were not sure when they would get back, but they will have to find another place to stay. Maybe the motor home. IF they can find a place to park it.

WOW, heavy rain, lots of it, is forecast for the next few days..I'm sooo ready. I might have lost my big tree in the front, and maybe a few other things, but there's just nothing i can do about it.

I'm seeing the Doc tomorrow about this hip, and hope he says "let's put a new one in tomorrow" lol.

Well, i'm already out of things to say, so yall tc, and