Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not Much Today

There were some baby turtles on that rock, first time I had seen them.
My Mountain Laurel starting to bloom, I’ve seen others that are bloomed out fully.  You can see the yellow irises behind it.  I have a huge old wisteria to the left but it hasn’t done anything yet.  I have seen some Martins last week, over in the next block, and then some here on the corner of my yard.  When my bro B and I put up their house, he was putting his tools back in his truck when 2 landed on the top.  They had been watching, lol.  They nested there, and have been back every year with their young.  They drive the sparrows off.  The house is falling apart, and the way it’s put up, can’t take it down.  I think they will still use it tho.
I don’t know why, but I didn’t go to sleep til after 4 last nite.  Well, one thing was my feet.  Burning.  Then my phone woke me up at 8;30.  Just might take a nap today, lol. 
I put facebook back on this, but  you know,,I just don’t see the use of it.  lololol.  I glance in every once in a while, but wth is it about?  I just don’t get it.  Peoples wanting to put me on friends,,,I don’t even know.  And why talk to family when we have phones?  lololol,,,And most of us live here.  I forget about it, but sometimes I look in.  I guess it’s the only way I can ever communicate with my g/dotter.  Never see her or hear from her…Hate it, what “family” has become.  “Family” has no meaning any more.  Well, just a few of us.
Been putting off that shower long enough,,yall tc, and

PS,,put that weather thingy back on, thot the airport thingy was fixed, but guess not.  Just gonna leave it, someday,,,,,