Saturday, June 1, 2013

Here We Are,,Again

Guess I didn't tell yall about my lunch yesterday, at church.  Had cornbread and beans!  YUMMM.  That was my youngest son's favorite thing.  Then, for dessert, there was a lemon ice cream pie, and a chocolate ice cream cake!  MERCY!  And I wasn't hungry,,,but I did have a little of all of it.  We always laughed about Dad,,,(not supposed to eat sweets) saying,,i'm just getting a little bit of it, and by the time he did that with all the desserts, he had a big plate full.  I had never eaten a pie nor a cake like those.  They were so different.

Gosh with the temperature at 91 and sticky, I have no urge to go outside.  Maybe later.

Went by Js house yesterday and his Dad was there so I stopped to see what they were doing,,lol.  J had taken out some wall plugs and couldn't put the new ones back on and make them work.  He had spent a couple of hours on just those 2, and nothing made any sense, so he had taken time off to clear his mind, see if something would pop up.  Well,  the same thing was going on with his dad trying to do it too.  There's no way I can explain it, so won't even try, but they finally got em working, and sorta put back,, they didn't quite fit back in that old box.... The meter would show no voltage, then touch something with one prong, and it would make all kinds of sparks,,,lol. 

My bro G just came by, so,, gonna get outa here, yall tc, and