Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Geeezzzz,,,What to Say?

I keep seeing a lot of others like me, thinking their blogs are boring.  In fact, i guess all i keep up with, are saying that now.  Just a phase?  I don't remember, (statins) being so out of things to say, before.  Now i'm being forced to write about having nothing to write about,,hahahahaha.

Since taking off the word verification i AM getting lots more spam in my email.. is this just a coincidence, or,,,a fact of ,,blogging?  I put my settings on Google to the private one and i've noticed that i don't see things pop up everywhere i go, about where i've been.

DDs got  pics of his swamp on there today.  Love that place, and kinda wonder why he would ever go anywhere else... lololol.

It's been so hard to make myself walk lately.  I do, but it sure is hard.  I think maybe it's the lack of sleep, like, last nite, i didn't go to sleep til after 2 AM, then i was up a couple of times, so thirsty i had to have a drink, which i keep a bottle of water in the bathroom.  Tried keeping it by the bed, but then, would have to get up any way, to pee, even tho that's not the reason i wake up.  On the walks, i'm having to sit down more along the way.  Darn time change!  Shouldn't even affect me.  Sooo tired.

Austin is having the SXSW stuff going on now.  Zillions of people are there, techs, films, music.  And i've been told, the bluebonnets are out in force on some highways.
After they bloom and start fading out, they have their seed pods all over them.. They dry out and get to the point where they literally, explode.  They sling seeds out to maybe 20 feet.  So if you gather up pods, keep them in paper bags,,,lol.  And if you're on the side of the highway, watch for those rattlesnakes!   Those seeds can lay there for years, and when the right weather conditions happen, they will grow.  Sometimes it can be 10 years or so, between the whole countryside blooming out.  I think this year is one of those, will get pics.

We set the high temp yesterday, in the nation!  88*.  Knew it was too darn hot.

Think i'll take a nap,,,yall tc, and