Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Doc Visit,,,and I Don't Even Know Why

Today was a visit to my doc,,and i don't think either one of us knew why,.  All i know is i was told to come back in July  for,,,???.  And she wasn't sure either, so,,,got some blood work done,,checking whatever.  I got really p....ed off,,when i got in to sign in,,,they handed me a paper said i had to sign.  Well,,i told em i was gonna read it first.  So i sat down,,there were 20 things i would be agreeing to by signing it.  There were some i objected to so i carried it back and told them i wasn't gonna sign it.  THEN,,,i'm told if i don't i can't see the doc!  New requirement,,,so she asked if i wanted to talk to the manager, and i said yep,,sure do. 

She starts explaining them to me,,and i stop her, tell her i understand what it's saying,,that i'm objecting to some of them.  Well, long story short, i had to sign that darn thang to see the doc. 

I already need a nap.  Gonna get in that chair and kick back, shut my eyes, and,,,,hope i doze off.

You can check out this pcip and see what we are doing at  It's a federal program for people like my son and everything i have seen, sounds good.  At least there will be insurance.  There's just no other choice.  No where to go.  When we go back to San Antonio, i will talk to the woman there about it, show her what i have.  She didn't know anything about it, had never heard of it.  It's 2 years old,,,is why, i think.

Well, need that nap so yall tc, and