Monday, July 9, 2012

Out and About

Just got back from the grocery store, thinking i would get out before it got hot...HA...The temp isn't that bad,,,like 90, but still and sticky.  Getting ready to make more storms like yesterday,,, Had a really heavy one move thru here late yesterday, dumped 1 1/2" in about 30-45 mins.  AND... i got out in it.  I had gone to the shop where  my son was, and got caught there.  Got totally drenched getting to my car.  I was so wet, it was hard to get my clothes off when i got home,,they stuck to me....Good thing it was warm.  My son was drenched too, putting vehicles in.  Had to jump one off.  Tried to tell him it wasn't showing bad hail any more on the online weather.

Off my diet.  When i added back those few carbs,,i gained back a pound!!!  I give up.  My body doesn't want to operate on 30 carbs a day,,got too weak and unable to function.  But by adding 30 more,,,i gain a pound..

All that rain yesterday fell North, where it would end up in Lake Buchanan ..  Most of it.  The lake gets it from the Colorado, so maybe the rain this week will help.

There's still not one fly on the strip.  And one just buzzed by.

I couldn't sleep last nite,,,well, until after 4 am.  My feet were killing me.  I got up once and still don't know why i didn't take an aleve,,but,,a couple of hours later, i sure did.  Then it took another hour to work.  Nap coming up for sure.

Mind's gone blank,,yall tc and