Friday, March 7, 2014

Here's Another Boring Post

A couple of days ago, my car drug for a few seconds, then started.  I know what that means.  I just had a battery put on in Oct.,,, so i thot it was the starter.  AND, it hasn't done it any more.  But anyway, i called my repair man, and he said bring it on,, this morning, and it all checks out ok.  Now, i'm more sure it's the starter.  And i know it can hit "that" spot again and not start.  He gave me his card if it happens on the week end, and he would come and help me.  Nice person,, huh?  He's trust worthy, and fair on price.

While i sat there and waited on him, for a few minutes, i noticed my sticker was out, so he told me he would have some, coming in about noon, so bring it back later.  I look at my 2 stickers and had been reading that backwards 2 as a 5, and this morning i read the actual writing on it. lol.  While i'm there gonna ask him to check my fluids too, i don't ever do it.  lol

My son turned 49 yesterday, even tho i never caught up with him, i went by his house and left a card.  He called last nite and thanked me, said he'd been out with bro B arrowhead hunting.  They both have a HUGE collection, and B can make one is seconds, using an antler.  Then you can't tell the real from his either.  Not sure if he still whacks on that flint much or not.  Don't think he does.

Gosh, this font is so small writing this i can barely read it.  It won't change here and i don't want it too large when it posts.  Ok never mind, just found out how to enlarge this.  AND, how to find it after google went back to home... Whew.

I am using 3 different browsers, lol.  This is chrome, and will let me use blogger better, like i told someone.   I guess it was this that told us that Internet Explorer wouldn't support blogger, and to use chrome.  Guess that's why pictures won't work good with others.

Then, i use Firefox for my facebook, don't know why, lol translates to,,,don't remember why.

IE is for my games... So there you have it.  Makes no sense but,,, works.

Yall tc, and