Sunday, August 19, 2012

Soooo Bored

Finally getting over the tiredness of the last few days.  Have no desire to do much tho. 

We've had light showers most of the day and nite, and when i looked at my gage late yesterday, about a 1/4", but a little more during the nite,..  More today i think.  I opened a few windows when i got up this morning, felt so good.  Didn't take long to shut them back,,lololol.

I think i'm ready for fall.  This heat wears me down,,,more every year.  Used to hate winter, now i look forward to it.  I love the rain and never get tired of that.  I have a metal roof so i can hear it. 

Did i ever tell yall about waking up one nite, and my whole pillow was wet, and a lot more around it?  I thot i had a bad nose bleed or something!  Got the lite on,,and my roof was leaking right over my head, looking like my ceiling was fixing to fall on me!!  It was sagging a lot.  The ceiling is tiles, and down on my feet, was another spot too, not quite as bad.  I got up and managed to shove my bed far enough to get out from under that ceiling, but had to try to sleep on the side that wasn't wet.  And hope the ceiling didn't come crashing down.  Had a time, getting all that dry the next day!  Called bro B,,,said i needed a roof!  That's his thing,,,too.  Metal roofs and cement work.  Caught him just right, so in a few days i had a new roof, even tho he said it was probably just a few nails that had worked almost out.  I had already collected from my insurance company for one after a bad hail storm, so i had the money.  So, add that onto everything else i replaced here,,,lol.

I moved in here at the end of August,,,way back, and didn't bother to turn the gas on til later.....WELL, when we did, it spewed under the house,,pipes old and busting...had to turn it right back off, get all those pipes replaced too.That was after doing all the water, sewer lines.   I was singing,,,ooooo woe is me..... lol

I didn't pay much for this house, and the property (lot) is worth it to me.  Love the location, the quiet.  AND,,,bought it from bro B,,,lololol.  He did say one time he felt bad about all the things that came up unexpected.  It's still worth more than what i have in it, so i'm satisfied.

I went to our new Alco store late yesterday,,,wasn't impressed.  Doubt if i shop there much.  They didn't have the couple of things i needed, butter was one, so that means i still have to get those elsewhere.

Ok,,yall tc, and