Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wind Wind Wind

Weather sure did change,,,huh?  That wind hit with a slam about 9:30 last nite and never stopped.  Still going strong.

Any of you ever used night shade veges for arthritis?  To eat or not to eat?  I'm looking into that, and was just wondering if anybody had not eaten them to help with it.  Back when i had first read about it, NOT to eat them was supposed to be an amazing help.  Gonna do some research.  But if any of you have done it,,let me know how it worked.

J called a couple of hours ago, and still hasn't shown up. lololol.  Maybe he blew away.  No waffles for him now!  I'm ready for my frozen shrimp, and ff.  Messing around in my freezer yesterday, i found a big bag of pork steaks, from my friend Sue.  Had forgotten,,,so i took 3 out today.  She put them in layers with wax paper so i could pop off three.  I used to always do my hamburger that way, make into patties and layer with that.  That way i could take out what i needed and thaw quick.

Tonite ends X Factor, and i guess i'm kinda in favor of Tate, the country one.  The 13 yo is amazing but,,,she's 13 and will have a huge career with or without this win.  O well, they never have the one i want.

Yall tc, and