Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blue Sunday?

I had to watch that video about the attack goose again, and still LMAO.  If you missed it, it's in yesterday's post.  Making me laugh just thinking about it. LOLOLOLOL.

Geez, i got up yesterday with another of those bad bites on me,,my foot this time.  On the top, right behind my middle toes.  Woke me up so many times last night itching, i was up and down most of the nite.  I looked thru my bedding, nothing,,maybe i stepped on something getting up during the nite.  If this keeps up i'll put off some of those bombs.  Usually don't do that unless i have a flea problem.  Good thing i had 2 tubes of itch stuff.  lol.  Almost used all of one.

My son has gone to Houston with his gf, to visit with her sister and take a vehicle back down there.  A Tahoe that gets 4 mpg.  It was bought from her BIL but when J had it apart, gonna fix it, the BIL made some comments about car dealers that made him so mad, he put it back like it was, gave her a KIA, 40 mpg.  So, the BIL can take it and shove it,,,lol.  Her whole family was mad at him for saying things like that.

Well anyway,, he asked me if i would go by and help his dad, my x, to doctor one of their cats, and i told him sure.  HA,,,that cat went ballistic.  Me, a stranger, holding that ,,bad word here, med, to put in his ear?? NO WAY.  He was holding him by the neck, but that didn't make a bit of difference.  He saw me, that med, and was no way to hold him.  I called this morning and he said he did get one ear done later. lololol  That he would sneak it in over time, try to get it all done.  Needed another one on his skin where he had scratched it raw.  That was after the vet had given him shots of antibiotics.

I ordered some crocs that i love, except they needed that 1/2 size more, which they don't do.  The whole size would be too large.  Got to checking what i had to do to send them back,,,HA!!!  Ain't gonna.  No way.  Wonder if there's a way to stretch the strap on the back?  They were on sale, so to send them back is just not practical.  Thot i could do this, order shoes online, but,,  It worked with the rock n roll ones,,, I looked at the store in Marble Falls, they didn't have these.

I was in the new mexican food place to eat supper last nite, and this little, like, 2 year old started screaming, NOT crying,, just doing it to be loud.  I was sitting about 2 tables away, and almost had to put my hands over my ears it hurt so bad.  She kept doing it, over and over, just to be loud, and sure enough,,the Mom sitting there on the cell phone, texting!  Saying, sssh,,but not doing anything.  Finally, this man (maybe the owner) came out of the kitchen area and took her out and they left.  I'll tell you one thing, i won't sit there and listen to that any more!  Don't care who it is.  Maybe i was hard on mine, but,,,they didn't get to go out with us, until they would behave.  They learned self control at a young age, they had to.  I didn't tolerate bad behavior.  Now, kids have none, don't have to.  Or, most of em.  There's still a few parents that raise kids right,,,lol.

Sundays are LONG days,,, seems to be anyway.  But yall tc, and