Saturday, July 16, 2011

Play the Game

Think ur smarter than the government?  Here's a game to play to see if YOU can balance the budget.  It's at  See what u have to give up, or if u have to raise taxes.  I haven't tried it, might later.  Just read about it today in the paper.

Had had so tiny a drizzle, it barely ran off the roof, this morning.  But it's nearly noon, and we still have clouds drifting by.  Is this all ur sending us, HJ? hahahahaha  Got my back door open, to watch, just in case, u know.

DD, luv ur pics.  I think my house had some of that iron wood in it. lol,,,,There's wood in it, that u can't pull a nail out of, or nail one into.  Was told, it was heart of pine.  Old.  Ran across it when i was remodeling here.  Was trying to take one door frame off, and the nail heads came off instead. lol.  Wasn't the framing, was what was under it.  Gonna be tough, to replace the front storm door, and the entry door.  At least i don't have a bee hive in the walls.  Like the house in Austin, had had one for 40 years, was over 7 ft of it in the wall.  Lots of honey,,,,lololol.  The owner got one jar of it, later.

River flow, lol, didn't forget today.  J=37 M=20 L=6

Spending too much time on this lately.  Nothing going on, so either they will be short and sweet, or i will be skipping days.  HAGD