Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not My Day, Sry Folks

Montanna, really don't understand what ur talking about.  I know the drains are under the sinks, and know how to take off the p trap, but my problem has nothing to do with those.  It's way on down the line.  I ran the whole hot water heater, water, thru them a couple of days ago,  because i know that any little snag will start a grease build up.  Gonna keep doing that, and i think the one time has helped. 

I got out this morning to go by the library to pick up the last book in this Joe Pickett series.  Really hate to finish it.  While i was out, i went by a friend's house, that i haven't seen in a long time.  She's the mother of the young man that ended his life in jail last week by hitting his head enough to do it.  Anyway, been there, so i felt like i could help maybe.  No one can understand unless they have lost a child themselves.  I stayed a lot longer than i had thot i would.  I hope she will come by, or call, like i asked her to, if she just wants some company.  She said she would.

Know this is short, but just not my day.  Yall HAGD