Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Goolash

Gosh, im so slow in the mornings,  think age has anything to do with it?  Here it is, 11;30, and nothing accomplished.  Did get more eggs boiled for my deviled ones.  Still on that kick.  When u crave something,,eat it!!.  Supposed to be taking vitamins w/iron, but im not, and im not sure how much iron to take, so guess im just eating those eggs.  lololol  Ate supper at a restaurant yesterday, n guess what i had?  2 eggs over easy, (which they told me was over medium) bacon, home fries, toast.  To get my eggs cooked right, i describe them,,white well done, yolks runny.  If i order any other way, i DO NOT get them right.  Over easy=runny whites, over medium=-mostly hard yolks.  Then,,,the cook will tell me,thats the way i like mine!!!  (same as me).   They came out n asked me 1 time, cause i had sent them back twice.  Thats when they told me order over medium, which did NOT work either.  All  this egg talk has nothing to do with being last day of April showers, which we missed, nor my plans for the rest of the day, which is nothing,,

Still havent heard a thing from niece in Birmingham.  Trying not to take that as bad, but sure would like to hear from her.  I check in n out of facebook just to c if shes posted anything.  How can people like that place????  Almost as bad as watching all these women sitting around a table yakking on tv.  (The View, Yoda n Kathy Lee).  Bad as soaps!!!

OO yeah, gotta "turn the page" on calendar today.  Need to c when Mothers day is, not sure.  These things that move around every year just keeps me guessing.  Need em set like July 4th, always know when that 1 is.

Missed all the weather reports today.  Now i dont know when that cold front is supposed to show up.  Have ACs running, so humid.    Doesnt take temps to make it hot ,, here,,that humidity does it really good.  One of the Austin stations has a great weather thing,  You click on weather, then severe weather, n u can get everything on the interactive tab.  Need to do that today.  Think anybody can use this, anywhere. 

Gotta get something done about my red ants!!!  Just going out for the paper, im wading thru them.  The sevin dust turned out to be granules, which im taking back.  I want the dust.  In the mean time,,im gonna look in the store room real good, surely i still have something.

Lunch time,,