Thursday, April 3, 2014

Great News

The bullet from the 30/30 went thru the girl's arm, then thru her side, nipping her spleen and liver, and that surgery went fine.  They did 2 surgeries on her arm, then said she would need maybe 2 more.  WE are so thankful, first,, she's alive,, 2nd, she didn't lose her arm!!  My nephew felt just a little better after knowing that, but still is not good.  Of course he blames himself.  If this, if that, you know.  He and his girlfriend,, her friend, went to Austin yesterday, the hospital, and stayed there.   My bro and sil went too,  but none of them could see her.  Her bp went up when anybody went in.  She was wanting to see him and her friend, tho.

He has used guns since he was small, and has NEVER been careless with one.  In fact, he was being safe by taking it out of his car to leave at the house, and he went into a dark room not knowing she came in behind him, to unload it.  Those kind of guns are not safe.  His dad, my bro, said it had done him that way too.  My shotgun unloads that way, and i always hate to unload it.

I haven't said this to anybody,,, she will have something to tell with pride all her life,,, "i was shot with a 30/30 and lived thru it",, but he will always have the horrors of it.  They are both victims, and both families are having a bad time too.

My sil is having a bad time, with all the calls, etc, asking questions.  She tried to go back to work today, and got thru the door, and turned around and went home.

Yall tc, and