Monday, August 29, 2011

Quilts to Die For

Almost noon, just had brunch.  Made a pineapple pie, not ready yet.  Make it with vanilla  jello pudding, canned pineapple.  You can put it into a baked pie shell, or a graham cracker one.  I prefer the baked.  Got cool whip, now i'm ready!,,,Too bad i'm too full right now.  lolollol.  My kind of cooking.

Someone was talking about cook books, out at the birthday party.  Gosh, don't know how many i have.  I know they go back to the first one, Betty Crocker, a have-to-have.  For beginners anyway.  That one, and a sorority one for meats, were the major ones i used.  Then there's a family one, put together one year from everyone's favorite recipes.  Sold at a family reunion.  The money went for the next one.  One year we had an auction and my Aunt Stella put in some of her homemade quilts!   Priceless. lol.  I gave a lady, that did quilts, here, a few boxes of scraps one time, and she made!!! me take 3 of her quilts.  I felt so guilty because that was NOT the reason i gave them to her, i just had too many.  BUT, they are still treasures.  My daughter got the butterfly one, my son has one, and i still have the other.
I made each of my kids baby quilts, but never did but one large one.  Oops,, take that back.  My son showed up one day with a pile of his old levis.  Asked if i could make a quilt out of them,,so,,,i did.  Made 2, one for him, one for g/dotter.  I cut the jeans into different lengths and widths of strips,  making sure i got everything from the jeans, then i sewed them together, seams up to ravel.  hahahaha,,,did they ever.  I washed and dried them several times before i put the lining on.  I put a blanket inside my son's, MISTAKE,,,so i didn't do that on hers.  It was too hot.   My g/dotter was going to Trinity, in San Antonio, and OMG,,,when she opened that box, she wrapped that quilt around herself and didn't take it off all day. lololol,,,Was put on her bed at school, with it's pockets, button ups,  places to hide things.  I had told her, you can't hurt it, no matter what, already been thru just about everything while they were worn.   The backs were a bright red, white, and blue print. 

Well geeezzz,,,not sure what's going on, but spell check won't turn off.  Well, some sentences above. 

Pie's calling.  HAGD