Saturday, January 26, 2013

Not Fishing Around Here,,,It's,,,

Rattlesnake grabbing time,,,, Both my bros planned on being out today, to gas some dens, but the folks out on the ranch had company.  Bros knew that would mean taking "guests" with them so they just decided to wait til another time.  Needs more sunshine too, and today is deep clouds.  No rain, of course.

Bro G came by this morning just about the time I was gonna eat breakfast, so that waited for a couple of hours. 

Gotta go to the store later, almost outa milk.  I think that's about all I need.  Picked up a couple of other things yesterday out at our new Alco.  Everybody's sure disappointed with that store, prices way too high.  I went because they're the only place in town that has my Iams cat food.   O yeah, that and my Charmin are still in my car! lol.  Got 3 more books at the library and couldn't carry everything, so left those 2.

The Green Mile was on last nite, and I almost watched it again.  I've seen it 2 or 3 times, but it's soooo good, you can never get enough.  It's up there with Forrest Gump.  J said he's never seen it, I told him to go rent it!

Ok yall, not sure when i'll bb, but I will, so tc, and